Burnt Pixel? Best Methods to Fix It!

The expression burned pixel (the expression dead pixel is also used) refers to a lighting unit of a screen that has stopped working.

Feb 13, 2022 - 06:35
Burnt Pixel? Best Methods to Fix It!
What is a burned or dead pixel?

The expression burned pixel (the expression dead pixel is also used) refers to a lighting unit of a screen that has stopped working. As you well know, the pixel is the smallest part in which we divide a display device, such as the panel of mobile or the monitor of your computer. The moment one of those stops working and stays off completely when the rest are working normally, then we identify it as a dead or burned pixel.

You should know that each pixel on a screen is made up of three sub-pixels, one red, one green, and one blue. Sometimes, it is possible that only one of these three light elements stops working. As a result, the pixel does not appear completely black but has a hue that differs from other pixels. However, a burned or dead pixel is usually displayed as black or white, clearly clashing with neighboring pixels. Not to be confused with a locked pixel

The burned or dead pixel should not be confused with a blocked pixel. This terminology is sometimes used to refer to pixels that are stuck in a particular color, such as red, green, or blue, and are unable to change their hue. Being clear about the difference between both concepts will help you determine what the problem you are facing is and if it really is solvable or not. Burnt pixel: aspects that you must take into account

There are different reasons a burned or dead pixel appears on a computer monitor or on a mobile phone screen. Next, we review the most frequent reasons. Manufacturing fault

Manufacturers often test their displays before putting them into circulation and distributing them to users. Still, it is always possible for a burned pixel to appear on the panel. As they are such small units, it is enough that a small area has been defective to suffer from this problem. And not necessarily much time has passed since the acquisition of the screen or the device. The burned pixel can make an appearance at any time if an area of ​​the panel is defective. These pixels must have a minimum so that they change the screen. If they do not want to do it and you have the possibility of withdrawing, it is the best option. With higher resolution, greater are the possibilities

Higher-resolution screens are more likely to experience pixel death. After all, they have more of them. Of course, that does not mean that buying high-resolution panels means that yes or yes we are going to face this problem. But the truth is that most screens currently on the market have a high number of pixels due to their high resolution. Quality processes are essential

The fact that a manufacturer’s quality department must work in a hurry to ensure supply does not help the detection of burned or dead pixels. It is normal that in products with a very tight price or that come from inexperienced manufacturers we find this problem. Obviously, in professional display devices, the problem that concerns us in this article occurs less frequently. Can a burned or dead pixel be fixed?

After carefully reviewing some details related to the term burned pixel, it’s time to answer the most important question: is it possible to fix them easily? Regardless of the most extreme solution, complete panel replacement, you will sometimes be able to solve this problem yourself. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to remove a burned pixel from the screen of your computer or phone. Everything will depend on some factors. Is the pixel really dead?

If the pixel is completely burned out or dead because the transistor has stopped working, the only feasible solution is panel replacement. Obviously, if the product is no longer under warranty, it is very likely that it is not financially worth repairing. In that case, you will have to live with the burned pixel or change your monitor for another. All this is also applicable to mobile phones. When the pixel is just stuck

As we have explained before, if the problem is that the pixel is stuck and is not able to change color, there are some solutions within your reach. We recommend that you take a look at the recommendations that we mentioned in the last section of this article so that you can find the most convenient solution in your case. Methods to save a single pixel of death

When you are all sure that the pixel is dead or simply blocked, there are some consensus that we can give to you because we can solve the problem.

  • Completely turn off your monitor and let it “rest”

The first method that we recommend you try is the most important thing. If you have the idea that your pixel or death is in real life, watch the TV, monitor, phone for 24 hours. Disconnect from the red for complete to avoid any electricity input. If you hear the sound, you can see that the panel that blocked the pixel is blocked.

  • Employ a software device

There are some software tools that you can use to try to wake up a burned or stuck pixel, depending on the case. One of them is jscreenfix.com, a free website that shows an animation to force the pixels to change color. Simply move the box that will appear on the screen to the area where the problematic pixel is located.

  • Consult and be within the warranty

Finally, some manufacturers are responsible for guaranteeing the type of operating errors.