Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents Review

Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents Review

Photo Credits: Corsair/Promo

We all like to personalize our computers and give them a one-of-a-kind look, and with the new Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents, we'll be able to do it much more easily. This new product from the American corporation is touted as an intriguing choice for rapidly, conveniently, and efficiently creating a color world within our equipment, with all of the guarantees provided by the iCUE platform.

It is a triangle piece kit with a high-grade RGB LED lighting system. They have a surface that functions as a diffuser for the illumination, and they use a magnetized union and anchoring mechanism that allows them to be connected and placed on any metal surface.

What can we do with the Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents?

You can easily build fully unique designs and effects thanks to the mixing of different triangles and their seamless integration in iCUE.

We can utilize a total of 18 triangles at the same time, which means they have a lot of possibilities and give us a lot of playtimes thanks to their magnetized base and removable connectors, which also allow them to be stacked horizontally and vertically.

The Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents box has been meticulously designed to the millimeter, with everything clearly labeled and organized. Inside, we find a QR code that we may scan to visit the product's official page, where we will get important information that will help you solve virtually any doubt.

Each triangle has two contact points that we may utilize to connect them together, along with some metal bars. It is critical that you understand this because if you combine two triangles in an area where those contacts do not exist, the electricity will not pass and there will be no illumination.

Because the master triangles are the beginning point, you have two distinct cords, a SATA power wire, and a 3-pin power cable. The initial kit includes a Corsair Lighting Node Pro, which will enable us to connect and operate the triangles via iCUE. This attachment features its own SATA power connector as well as a USB connector that connects to the motherboard directly. It also comes with a 3-pin extender cord. The expansion pack, on the other hand, lacks all of that wiring and only includes the master triangle and eight smaller triangles.

It is obvious from the start that we will have to manage a lot of wiring, but if we already have a Lighting Node Pro, a Commander Pro, or a Commander Core XT from Corsair on our PC, we can simply connect the master triangle's 3-pin cable and that's it; we won't have to complicate ourselves with the rest of the elements. This is a significant benefit since it decreases the amount of labor and wiring management that we will have to undertake if we already have our equipment constructed and the wiring in place.

If we don't have such attachments, we should stick with the included Lighting Node Pro. We can easily stick it to any surface thanks to the two sheets with glue on both sides that it comes with, and its relatively tiny size makes it easy to integrate into an existing cable management system. Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents specifications:

  • Triangular mini-panels with RGB lighting that are easy to assemble, interconnectable and customizable.
  • They add a total of 81 RGB LEDs (nine for each triangle) with light diffusion to unify and enhance the lighting effect.
  • The starter pack includes a Corsair Lighting Node PRO, an RGB lighting controller that will allow us to control the Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents through iCUE.
  • Magnetic fixing system on any steel surface, which translates into a simple installation, and total freedom to modify our creations.
  • They use cylindrical bars as an interconnection system that allow the creation of 3D designs. Thus, for example, we can create a spill effect on the lid that covers the power supply, and play with different angles.
  • Total integration in iCUE and expandable up to 18 triangles.
  • Measurements: 45.3mm x 39.3mm x 7.8mm.
  • Data connection via USB 2.0 9-pin.
  • RGB connection via 3-pin cable.
  • Power supply via SATA.

Assembly and Evaluation

Because the Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents feature two master triangles and two lighting channels, we can create genuinely unique designs that are both unified and separated.

The installation procedure is straightforward. If we already have a Lighting Node Pro, a Commander Pro, or a Commander Core XT installed in our equipment, we may connect the master triangles in the RGB LED lighting area using the 3-pin wires, and they will be identified in iCUE. If they do not show, ensure that you have updated to the most recent version of the software.

Don't worry if you don't have any of those peripherals already installed; the method is still quite straightforward. The first step is to consider where you will position the Lighting Node Pro, where you will place the triangles, what design you want to create, and how you will manage the wiring.

Once that's done, connect the USB 2.0 cable to the Lighting Node Pro and the motherboard, then the SATA cable from there to a free socket on your power supply. After that, we'll connect the 3-pin cable from a master triangle to the Lighting Node Pro.

When we're done, we'll combine the remainder of the triangles to construct the pattern we're going for. These must make contact with the regions where the pins appear, and we must use one of the provided cylindrical metal bars as a linking channel between them. If we utilize more than nine triangles, we must insert the second master triangle immediately at the end of the last triangle of the first pack, as this will enhance the feeding and provide us with a flawless experience.

When we're finished, we turn on the computer. The triangles should light up if we did everything correctly. This is a good sign, but before you complete the operation and close the PC chassis, make sure they are properly identified in iCUE and that you can configure the lighting.

This final step is straightforward; simply select the type of accessory that we have linked and add triangles until you reach the entire number of units installed. We can also rotate and move them to better fit the shape we've built. The configuration process with iCUE is really straightforward and intuitive, and we have a guided wizard to assist us at all times, so you don't have to worry.

The lighting effects are precisely reproduced, the setup and installation process was simple, and the fact that the Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents are magnetic and entirely configurable means that we can build a new appearance when we become tired of the one we're currently using. This extends its "shelf life," in the sense that we will never tire of our triangles.

The Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents are clearly a purely aesthetic peripheral with a very clear function: to provide a touch of color and individuality to our equipment. There are numerous LED lighting systems available today that allow us to do just that, but the Corsair LC100 Lighting Accents are in a league of their own, as we've seen in this review, due to their robust build quality, the quality of their lighting, and the possibilities it provides thanks to its integration with iCUE and its interconnection system, which allows us to create 3D designs.