DDR5 already has a global shortage problem

DDR5 memory is technically not even on the market for a month and there is already a global shortage of working memory with the new standard.

DDR5 already has a global shortage problem

Photo Credits: ADATA / promo

The reason for the shortage is, of course, the difficult availability of components for making the memory, more precisely the new PMIC chip. Namely, until now, the motherboard was the one that regulated the voltage for DDR4 and older RAM boards and lowered it to generally 1-1.5 V, depending on the standard. 

The novelty of DDR5 memory is that the motherboard is now avoided, and the new DDR5 RAM cookies get their power directly from the PSU, and all components for lowering the voltage to the desired level must be located on the RAM board itself.

This task is performed by PMIC or Power Management Integrated Circuit, a new addition to DDR5 boards. However, according to current rumors, the chip is significantly more expensive than before, and in addition, it takes months from the order to the arrival of the component in the factory, which further slows down production.

In other words, the availability and pricing of new DDR5 memory for now will be reserved only for die-hard enthusiasts.