Delete Chrome From your laptop and Enjoy!

One user dropped Google Chrome as their primary browser from laptops and after a week it became crystal clear why we all need to do it right away.

Delete Chrome From your laptop and Enjoy!

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After the pandemic subsides, a large number of users return to their activities, and a good part of us often have to travel and work outside the office. That is why it is very important that all your gadgets are constantly charged and ready to work.

Return to work on the go

The aforementioned user decided to take out Google Chrome from his Dell XPS 13 and MacBook Pro laptops to find out what are the benefits of switching to another browser on the laptop. Indeed, Chrome has recently become a sluggish machine that eats up all available memory, making lightweight laptops equally slow for everyday use. This is definitely not what you want to happen to you when you have to work outside the office. You just want a fast laptop so you can continue to do your job just as efficiently.

Some apps like Adobe Photoshop and the Office suite just can’t be replaced, but browsers have their alternatives, from Edge and Safari, which come with operating systems to many others that struggle with the competition on a daily basis. Our user’s primary laptop is a 15-inch MacBook Pro that has a battery declared at 10 hours, but according to him, he hardly ever managed to pull out more than six hours, due to the way he uses it.

What prompted him to get rid of the Chrome browser is the fact that the system constantly warned him that the application that consumes the most battery is Google Chrome. On Mac OS, it switched to Safari, and on Windows OS to Edge. It took a bit of getting used to, but basically, all browsers work the same way and they all have some of their pros and cons.

It's like having a new battery!

What surprised him was the fact that the battery autonomy had become drastically better. On the MacBook Pro, autonomy jumped from six to as much as eight hours, while on the Dell XPS 13 and Windows OS it got an hour and a half longer battery life on average.

What you have to come to terms with is that deleting Chrome loses certain things, which is especially important for users who are used to extensions that make their lives easier. However, an hour and a half to two of battery life is a really huge advantage that allows you to finish a lot more work. Also, the more you use a browser, the more you get used to it and the more you learn how to use it more efficiently.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers