Dynamic Theme for Windows: enjoy Bing wallpapers 

Dynamic Theme for Windows: enjoy Bing wallpapers 

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If you are unfamiliar with Dynamic Theme, you will like using it.

For one reason: personalization in Windows is still a problem that needs to be addressed correctly, and it's incredible that something as simple as automated wallpaper renewal is still entrenched in methods that appeared outdated a decade ago.

Be cautious: automate the wallpaper renewal without thinking about establishing a collection, which many people will appreciate, but others will not.

In other words, Microsoft could have already included the option in Windows 11 to automatically download the generally really cool images from Bing to use as wallpaper, making it easier to have a new quality wallpaper every day without having to do anything more than set it up once. That is why applications like Dynamic Theme continue to be a first-rate alternative to doing the same, with advantages over what is already available.

It should be noted that Microsoft has been offering Bing Wallpaper for some time now, an official application that is also available for Android, the purpose of which is to bring the desired functionality to the Windows desktop: that your wallpaper is automatically renewed each day with the daily image from Bing. That is, you install Bing Wallpaper and then forget about it because it runs on its own; and if you don't like a certain image, you may wear the one from the previous day. Dynamic Theme is similar but better.

Dynamic Theme, a wallpaper changer for Windows

Dynamic Theme is similar to Bing Wallpaper, but it is superior.

What are these benefits? Several, including setting options for further customizing the experience. Among other things, Dynamic Theme allows you to select the source of the wallpaper from Bing, Windows Spotlight, a local image, or a presentation (the same default options of Windows).

In turn, Dynamic Theme allows you to customize various aspects of the downloaded images, such as the update interval, screen resolution, adjustment, image type, customize the lock screen, change the same theme of the windows, Windows 11 style, between light and dark, or *synchronize preferences between devices. Dynamic Theme is a pretty comprehensive application.

Dynamic Theme wins the cake for three very particular reasons: unlike Bing Wallpaper, Dynamic Theme removes the obnoxious watermark from Bing photos, allowing you to download them manually or automatically, and is extremely light.

In short, Dynamic Theme is a must-have for even the most affluent Windows desktop users. If you didn't already know, Dynamic Theme is available in the Microsoft Store.