Fans hope that GTA 6 will be announced at Game Awards

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Will Rockstar Games finally announce GTA 6 at this year’s Game Awards? In any case, the fans hope so, even if that is anything but likely.

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The remastered version of the GTA trilogy was a slap in the face for many Rockstar fans. In spite of this, or perhaps precisely because of this, the gaming community is hoping for GTA 6 as the savior of the open-world blockbusters. An announcement has been a long time coming, but that could change shortly. Because, according to official information, Rockstar Games will be represented at the Game Awards 2021 .

Is the big announcement really coming?

The leaker RaFIk (Twitter handle @ 0000078931463_k) claims, based on the mention of Rockstar in the context of the Game Awards, that the developer studio will make “a big announcement” to appease “disappointed fans”. He also writes, “Rockstar Games will regain fan trust with the announcement.”

The insider does not reveal whether this alleged announcement is actually about GTA 6 or something completely different. Some fans even make fun of RaFik’s tweet. A Twitter user writes that Rockstar will apologize at the Game Awards for the remaster trilogy and give all GTA Online players 250,000 GTA dollars. Another gamer smugly comments on Reddit that Rockstar will announce a remaster of GTA V for the Nintendo Switch, which should appear in 2022.

But some fans also have legitimate doubts about the thesis that Rockstar’s involvement in the Game Awards even suggests an announcement. Several Twitter users point out that Rockstar is listed as a consultant at the Game Awards every year and is accordingly always noted on their website.

So whether Rockstar will really announce a new GTA at the Game Awards remains to be seen. We will know more by December 9th, 2021 at the latest