Firewall designed to protect big organizations

Firewall designed to protect big organizations

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Organizations are most reactive to the challenges of cyber attacks. Implemented security solutions and tactics to minimize known attacks and deal with previously known threat vectors. Nevertheless, security solutions are as effective as their response to the emergence of new malicious tools or techniques. Today’s cyber attacks are more sophisticated and adaptable than ever before. In order to defend themselves, organizations need a solution that can address the gap between threat detection and action. Firewalls are still carriers of security, but the question is to what extent a company’s current firewall solution can meet modern challenges.

As technology advances, IT teams need to take care of the growing number of devices, applications and data, but also the increasing number of security challenges. Whether it’s security gaps in the organization itself, security breaches, or challenges posed by remote employees and cloud services, security teams find it difficult to respond to attacks in a timely manner. This is especially true for those organizations that have more than one branch. SMBs and large enterprises need a solution that provides complete security - from on-site and remote employee protection, control over other devices connected to the network to advanced URL filtering and DNS protection - with low TCO and zero-touch provisioning.

Large organizations - banks, hospitals, schools, universities, retail chains - are the most attractive target of any attacker. Hackers use smaller branches as an entrance to larger ones, which is why it is important to provide each separate location with the same type of enterprise protection as the central part and data centers.

The biggest problems of security teams in such formations are lack of time and contextual information and reliance on manual processes. IT administrators need to balance between staff protection and employee security on a daily basis. They must identify applications and parts of the network at risk in a timely manner and identify those users or employees whose network activity may pose a security threat.

The question is how to achieve a sufficient level of network security. The digital environment needs to be transformed with a modern NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) solution, which is exactly what Palo Alto Networks presented. The PA-400 Firewall series was introduced a couple of months ago and immediately justifiably took a leading position in the firewall market.

All devices connected to the network are completely visible

The new generation firewalls from the PA-400 series are designed to protect SMBs and large organizations that have branches, ie employees and users in remote locations. This solution focuses equally on protecting on-site and remote users, as well as ensuring visibility and control over all devices connected to the central network. It can be any IoT device, CCTV or door controller.

The PA-400 series firewall provides industry-leading protection to customers. With the help of implemented machine learning techniques, this solution recognizes even unknown threats. Innovative cloud service protection techniques provide advanced URL filtering, and the solution also brings security tools to protect DNS.

NGFW that supports Zero Trust protection

The NGFW PA-400 series comes in the form of a small desktop device and allows organizations to easily deploy to the most remote locations or the smallest branches. This compact model provides an ideal user experience and low TCO, and will ensure the highest level of protection. Organizations can easily implement Zero Trust protection across the organizational network.

Implementing a solution that enables Zero Trust Network Access policy is extremely important for modern data protection, especially in organizations that are rapidly adopting a hybrid mode of operation. This means that employees have access to business resources equally through corporate and private endpoints, thus expanding the landscape of threats.

Advanced performance

The PA-400 allows easy management of encrypted traffic. With over 90% of business network traffic encrypted today, businesses need next-generation Firewalls that can view and protect encrypted traffic.

Key features of the PA-400 Series NGFW include:
  • Signature Detection without delay to enable early response to threats
  • Integrated machine learning techniques that ensure complete visibility of all IoT and other devices connected to the network
  • Through the collection of threat data and contextual data, the PA-400 proposes the implementation of policies
The professional package provides customers with four key network security subscriptions:
  • Advanced URL filtering
  • DNS security
  • Threat Prevention - Analysis of all network traffic (regardless of ports, protocols or encryption) with the aim of automatically detecting and blocking known threats, malware and spyware
  • WildFire - Protection against unknown file-based threats via sensors and techniques for detecting malware in the cloud
In addition to the mentioned points, the Enterprise (ENT) package additionally provides users with:
  • IoT protection - Complete visibility of all connected devices and prevention and control of activities
  • SaaS protection - Real-time visibility and control and protection of all new applications
  • SD-WAN subscription

The PA-400 series NGFW is available in four different models: PA-410, PA-440, PA-450 and PA-410. The models are flexible and meet a wide range of potential user requirements. Each model supports Zero Touch Provisioning and management through the Panorama Centralized Management platform. Central management ensures simplicity, visibility and security of all remote branches, but also a uniform configuration of security rules.