Hitman 3: a PC upgrade finally released!

The program confirmed of support from Hitman 3. The title gets new Elusive Targets and an engine upgrade that includes XESS, ray tracing and VR support.

Hitman 3: a PC upgrade finally released!

Photo Credits: IO Interactive

Anyone who read between the lines could already guess that Hitman 3 is also getting an upgrade for the Glacier Engine. This has now been confirmed by IO Interactive. The series not only gets Intel's XESS but also ray tracing and VR support for the PC. All of this will be part of the Year 2 program starting for Hitman 3 on January 20th with a new Elusive Target. The engine upgrades are planned for spring.

As with XESS, Intel is a development partner for ray tracing. Both can also run on AMD and Nvidia technology. They didn't want to say much about VR support yet. Technical details and supported devices are expected to be announced at the beginning of next year. That's not a lot, but at least you now know what to look forward to. "We have a major update planned for the game in spring 2022. Stay tuned for more details."

It was also allowed to be playful because in the first year the focus was on the seven deadly sins. For the second year, one can therefore openly say that the makers at IO Interactive have at least come up with something similarly "nice". Hitman recently was met with not-so-positive press: The GOG start of the newer games was overshadowed by the fact that IO Interactive allows itself an always-on mode. With that, you operate in the gray area, because in the campaign you can inconspicuously eliminate people even without the Internet, but the progress is not saved, which limits the replayability. The Elusive Targets are only available online anyway. This met with resistance from GOG customers.