Hitman GOTY removed from GOG after being bombarded with negative reviews

Photo Credits : IO Interactive A/S / promo

After GOG users bombarded Hitman – Game of the Year Edition with negative reviews for using DRM – something that is not in line with that online store, GOG decided to remove the game from its offering.

“ We are still talking to IO Interactive about this release. Today we removed Hitman GOTY from the GOG catalog. We should not have published it in its current form, just as you pointed out. We would like to apologize for the confusion and anger that has arisen over this situation.

The bombardment with negative reviews started at the end of last month, and the first reaction of GOG did not go very well with the users of this online store, stating that they will not tolerate bombardment with negative reviews and will remove posts that do not comply with their guidelines.

While it was available on GOG, Hitman – Game of the Year Edition averaged 1.4 / 5, and most reviews were just focused on the presence of that DRM that requires an online connection to unlock weapons, initial locations, and various other essential items within the game.

By: Olivia J. – Zexron