How does Trovo work and how much you can earn?

Trovo Live is a platform for live streaming of video games and creative content. During the real-time stream, viewers can chat and comment on the game.

How does Trovo work and how much you can earn?

Photo Credits: Trovo/Promo

Have you heard of a streaming platform called Trovo Live, or is this your first time hearing? Many domestic streamers have switched to this platform, and some have started their careers on this site. Trovo Live is a platform for live streaming of video games and creative content. During the real-time stream, viewers can chat and comment on the game, but also communicate with the streamer. Fans who want to support their favorite streamer can subscribe to the channel, donate elixirs or manna.

Can Trovo be a competitor to Twitch?

In 2020, one of the largest Chinese companies, Tencent, started testing its streaming platform Madcat, which it later renamed Trovo Live. Tencent’s platform has so far largely gone unnoticed in the Western market. We all know that Twitch is an old giant that dominates the market that Trovo has just come to. Microsoft tried to counter Twitch with its Mixer platform and failed. Why might Tencent succeed in what Microsoft is not?

When we compare the design itself, we can see that Trovo and Twitch are very similar. Probably Trovo didn’t want to take too many risks and decided on a safe variant in order for new users to cope faster. What sets Trovo apart is that this platform has made a special focus for gamers and mobile game streamers. Tencent realized that today most people watch streams via their mobile phones, so they optimized their platform accordingly. But they didn’t stop there but made the best streaming platform if you’re a mobile gamer.

Trovo has, in a way, “borrowed” all the good features of Twitch, which I don’t think is a bad thing. Competition in the market helps all platforms to strive to be better. The poison grows every day. The number of visits to Trovo should not stop you. Trovo has created over $30 million partnership program to attract new creators to stream.

How much you can earn?

The difference from the beginning until now is that there is a new program every month, for special countries and opportunities. This refers to the place where the spectators are. Not every country has the same rank. Earnings vary by program, you definitely need to have at least 7500-7000 hours of views to have some lower earnings. Earnings range from $800 to $5,400 but in ‘gems’. You can also get a bonus on your earnings.

Monthly subscriptions and elixirs

Trovo also has a subscription and its own version of Bits as Twitch. Viewers can subscribe to their favorite streamers or give a subscription to other stream viewers. Each subscription costs the user $4.99 and the streamer receives $2.5. Prices change often. Trovo encourages viewers to subscribe by giving special benefits to those who do so.

In addition to the subscription, there are spells (Spells), a kind of emoticon that viewers can send in chat. Some of these spells cost money and the price is expressed in Elixirs. The price of 1,000 Elixirs is $9.99 and the streamer got $5 from it. Here, too, prices are changing. You can also pay for elixirs so that the text of the message you send is colored in a different color in the chat and other things.

In addition to all this, there is also Mana collected by streamers, Boost Project, Fortune Spin, Treasure Box and many other things from which the platform itself makes money and indirectly streamers.

How to start streaming on Trovo?

Obviously, if you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do is create an account. It’s very simple, go to Trovo. Live and click on Log In / Sign Up in the upper right corner and select the Sign-Up option. The registration form will pop up, fill it out and you have successfully created an account. Keep in mind that in order to make money on Trovo, you must be at least 18 years old. Or if you are between 16 and 18 years old, you must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

Once you have created an account, you can find detailed instructions for beginners on how to stream on the Trovo platform on the support section of the site. You also have visual images for each step, so even if English is not your strong suit, you can handle it.

In addition to all this, Trovo has its official Discord server on which there is a Balkan channel where you can ask about everything you are interested in and get help from people who work in Trovo and other domestic streamers. The server has thousands of members who can help you.

As we mentioned at the beginning, on the Trovo platform you can stream from your computer, but also from your mobile phone. All you need is fast internet and effort.