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This War of Mine: Review Bombing by Chinese Users

11 Bit Studios had announced that it would donate the proceeds from the next few days of its anti-war game This War of Mine to the Ukrainian Red Cross

Stellaris: Second Guardian Update 3.3 is here

As expected, the developers of Stellaris have released Patch 3.3. The Libra update brings a whole range of interesting new features.

Battlefield 2042: Weekly mission suspended

The developers of Battlefield 2042 have suspended the weekly mission due to "current events" for reasons of reverence. 

Cyberpunk 2077: Patch 1.5 brings trailer face of V

CD Projekt has turned Cyberpunk 2077 upside down with the recently released Patch 1.5. With the update, you can make V look like the gameplay trailer from 2018.

Tutorial dungeon as an explanation for new players

The new game from From Software isn't exactly beginner-friendly. Players are simply thrown into the world and must progress through the game on their own.

PlayStation/Game Pass: New details and price

We learned a few months ago that Sony was planning its own on-demand game service, similar to Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass, under a subscription model that would incorporate all of the benefits of PlayStation Plus...

Geforce Now RTX 3080 is available as a subscription

Nvidia is now offering a monthly subscription for its Geforce Now RTX 3080 game streaming service. So far there is only a 6-month subscription.

Leaker shows a new image of map “Exposure”

The well-known data miner and leaker "temporyal" reported some time ago about the upcoming Battlefield 2042 map "Exposure". 

Popularity of Halo Infinite games falling

It was recently revealed that Halo Infinite has dropped out of the top 5 most played Xbox games. 6th on the list behind Roblox.