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A brief history of the legendary game console

Do you know who played a key role in designing the first PlayStation console, which is the PlayStation best-selling gaming console of all time?

Dying Light 2 arrives on February 4

Fans of the apocalypse are looking forward to Dying Light 2, as the sinister virus has spread more than in the first chapter, and has taken over the world.

PUBG becomes Free 2 Play: New model for veterans

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG Battlegrounds, is going Free 2 Play. From the beginning of 2022, anyone can join the battle royale battle.

God of War: Preload and activation for the first tech bang in 2022

The preload for God of War PC starts today, the release is on Friday, January 14th. For ultra graphics, you need thick graphics cards and processors.

Which racing games are coming in 2022

If the planets are arranged according to the winning combination, in 2022, almost all relevant racing series will get a new game. What a time to have a virtual driver's license! You thought last year was exciting...

Special games we remember from 2021

1. It Takes Two A truncated marriage is repaired in several ways. Sometimes the honest conversation is needed, sometimes distance is needed, and sometimes it is necessary for your daughter to accidentally turn you into...

Forza Horizon 5 – it’s not about winning

Because everything we praised in Horizon 4 we can praise in the fifth part, and everything we complained about for that game we don't like in this one either. 


In 2021, we were, again and again, disappointed with the postponement of many games, which were originally announced for the past year.


The year is finally over, and the gaming industry was not resistant to new variants of the coronavirus - everything was slower than before the pandemic.