Intel Arc Alchemist: Intel's new GPUs leaked

The Youtube channel Moore's Law Is Dead has published further details on Intel's Arc Alchemist graphics cards!

Intel Arc Alchemist: Intel's new GPUs leaked

Photo Credits: intel / source

The Youtube channel Moore's Law Is Dead has published further details on Intel's Arc Alchemist graphics cards and also leaked a picture that should show the two planned Intel GPUs.

The Youtube channel Moore's Law Is Dead has once again published a new video in which it presents a lot of information about Intel's upcoming Arc Alchemist graphics cards. It allegedly refers to several sources, which are not mentioned in detail. It is therefore unclear to what extent the leaked data correspond to reality. The information should therefore be viewed with a certain amount of caution.

Pictures and details of Intel's Alchemist GPUs

According to Moore's Law Is Dead, Intel plans to make two GPUs called SOC1 and SOC2, of which it also posted a picture. This shows several chips in two sizes. Allegedly, Intel should then create three expansion stages from each of these, whereby the larger SOC1 GPU should offer full expansion with 512 EUs and optionally come onto the market with 384 or 256 EUs. The last-mentioned expansion stage is unusually severely trimmed, after all, only every second shader is activated there. According to Moore's Law Is Dead, Intel should keep the clock rates of all three variants at a similar, high level and thus hide the loss of performance.
Allegedly, the 256-EU model is supposed to achieve a high level of efficiency, especially in notebooks. But that would assume that Intel's new GPUs actually achieve their highest efficiency (only) at the said high clock rates. Usually, however, most GPUs work more efficiently with a slightly lower clock rate.

Two of the three variants of the SOC2 GPU are also unusual. This is supposed to appear twice with 128 and once with 96 EUs, whereby the former models only differ in the memory interface. Accordingly, the chip will end up with a 96-bit interface in the desktop and with a 64-bit interface in the notebook, whereas the 96-EU GPU is apparently only intended for the notebook segment.

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According to Moore's Law is Dead, Intel plans to launch the two GPUs in the first half of 2022, initially serving the desktop market with SOC1 and the notebook market with SOC1. Workstation offshoots are also planned to appear in the second half of the year. Intel supposedly wants to be 10 percent cheaper and at the same time 10 percent faster than Nvidia as soon as the drivers have caught up. The successor generation of Alchemist will also supposedly start in 2023: With Battlemage, Intel also wants to become competitive in the high-end segment. At the moment, it is difficult to say whether this will actually be the case.