Intel has an ace up its sleeve?

Photo Credits : Trusted Reviews

The new generation of Intel processors turned out to be a bull’s eye, and the top model – Core i9-12900K took over the title of the king of performance in games. It seems that the manufacturer may be working on an even more efficient unit.

During the premiere of new Intel processors, we had the opportunity to test, among others Core i9-12900K model – the unit offers excellent performance in games, and at the same time provides very good performance in programs. 

The VideoCardz editors have found out that Intel is working on a selected version of the processor – Core i9-12900KS. We would be dealing with a special version of the chip, similar to the premiere of the Core i9-9900KS.

Intel is working on the Core i9-12900KS?

Core i9-12900KS is basically a selected version of the Core i9-12900K processor, which works with higher clocks (and thus offers even better performance).

ModelCore i9-12900KCore i9-12900KS
GenerationAlder Lake-SAlder Lake-S
Cores E-Core Cores
P-Core clock (load on all cores)
E-Core clock
3.2 – 5.2 GHz (5.0 GHz)
2.4 – 3.9 GHz
3.2 – 5.2 GHz (5.2 GHz)
?? -?? GHz
Unlocked multiplierYESYES
TDP125 W.???
pricePLN 2,900????

The system is to offer 8 cores / 16 threads of the P-Core type – with a multithreaded load, they will work at a clock speed of 5.2 GHz (i.e. 200 MHz higher than in the case of 12900K). The timing of the E-Core (8 cores / 8 threads) is unknown.

Core i9-12900KS as a response to new AMD models?

There was speculation in the network that the Core i9-12900KS was to be a response to competing AMD Ryzen models with 3D V-Cache memory (the manufacturer boasted that the technology would bring about a 15% increase in gaming performance). So you can see that the fight for the crown of the performance king continues.

Will the Core i9-12900KS actually make its debut on the market? At the moment, it is difficult to confirm this information, but we may find out more at the manufacturer’s conference in early January.