Kuro Reader - great comics reader

Kuro Reader - great comics reader

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A beautifully crafted comic book reading app that is equally well-suited for smartphones and tablets, and in addition to standing out with a cozy and minimalist interface, is completely subservient to the comic book reading pleasure…

There are certainly more than enough applications that specialize in reading comics on smartphones and tablets, but some always stand out and impose themselves as the best in the competition, either with their capabilities, interface or some other features. Kuro Reader is just such an application.

He is a capable comic book reader who stands out with his minimalist interface, and his solidly designed possibilities also contribute to the general comfort of reading. It allows you to easily manage the library of comics located on the phone’s internal memory (or on an additional SD card), and it all starts by adding the desired folders and waiting for the scan to complete.

After that, the comics will be easily accessible through a beautifully designed review, and it is especially convenient that the comics can be filtered by author, series, year, map or a specially made collection within the application itself. In addition, there is a slightly more detailed overview of information about each comic (it relies on ComicRac’s metadata).

The specificity of Kuro Reader is certainly the fact that it is a small application, but also the fact that ads are not displayed anywhere in the interface. In addition, the performance is at an enviable level and the comic pages are rendered and opened very quickly (it supports typical formats such as cbz, cbr, cbt and cb7).

Thanks to the good optimization, it also consumes less batteries, and the navigation and scrolling of comics is excellent (it is also possible to change the scrolling and display modes). There is also a special modality for manga comics (reading from right to left), as well as a whole host of other options and details.

Of course, the basic version is free, and for more features such as a dark theme, the ability to save individual comic book pages, or update comic book information, you need to purchase the Pro edition, the price is about $3.

Reading comics can now be more comfortable and realistic. Owning comics is special and important for collectors, but sometimes there are those that are rare and at least in a special way to be read with this app. Of course, now you can have a virtual collection of comics, then it’s easier to collect them. Maybe soon there will be some NFT comics you never know.