LG Tone Free Review: Clean and simple

Feb 7, 2022 - 12:12
LG Tone Free Review: Clean and simple

These headphones offer a unique feature in our test, which could be even more interesting to potential customers because of the current situation in the world. Namely, the headphones clean themselves with UV light, thus killing 99.9% of bacteria sensitive to this light band.

White headphones are the right choice, because you are greeted by a light show every time you open them. The headphones light up two blue LED giving them a very attractive look and it all takes a few seconds, just to pick them up. They use a classic design such as wired headphones and are easy to handle, and a silicone attachment is placed in the ear. Three headphone sizes come with the headphones, so it’s important to set the ideal size so that the headphones don’t bother you, and still insulate the environment well for an optimal listening experience.

The headphones have a sensor on the inside to detect when they are in the ear and the music will pause if you take one out and resume when you put it back. Each has three microphones to reduce background noise while talking, and the headphones also have “Ambient Mode” where they let the sounds of the environment into your ears. The headphones are quite light, and the silicones hold them firmly in the ear so that they don’t fall out even during the expert head-shaking test. Note that the outside is touch-sensitive, but only at the top closest to the speaker. LG has also implemented Google’s Fast Pair system, and as soon as you open them near your mobile phone, it will recognize them and offer you to download the official application.

TLG Tone Free headphone case is also very interesting. The headphones are easily connected to it thanks to magnets and are connected to three small pins at the end of each headset. Every time you open the case with the headphones in it, it will light them up in blue, but it is just an attractive effect. The UV cleaning that this model advertises is performed by LEDs right next to the blue ones that you will not see glowing.

They point directly at the headphone cavity and light up when the case is connected to an external USB charger. Cleaning with UV light lasts ten minutes, after which it is guaranteed to kill 99.9% of bacteria, such as S. aureus and E.coli, which is definitely a plus. So we come to the very sound of the headphones, unfortunately, a minus considering the price of the kit. Ease of use and additional features hardly replace pleasant sound.

While the singers are clear at every volume, compared to most headphones on the test, the rest of the band seemed to stay in the room next door. Some would describe it as “spatial audio”, but the headphones just don’t hit the music, there are no bass tones, and the mids are fuzzy. This does not mean that headphones should be automatically written off because some users rarely want high pitches to be highlighted, especially if they listen to the headphones for longer. The application they use is attractive and offers many possibilities, including the transmission of external sounds. While the feature works, it is only noticeable if you listen to music quietly, and the sounds it plays are not completely clear and have a “robotic” effect.