Marvel’s Avengers is coming to the Game Pass tomorrow

Photo Credits : Promo

Salvation for Square Enix’s Marvel Avengers? I could write a gamer dissertation about games that were supposed to be something, and in the end, turned out to be nothing. Marvel’s Avengers: A Day is one such game.

The most ambitious Avengers project turned out to be quite a flop thanks to the fact that the game belongs to the GaaS (game as a service) genre. To make a successful GaaS game, in addition to the license, you need diverse and long-lasting content that this game did not have at launch. Now the situation is a little better, but far from ideal. The end game is still very bland and there is simply a lack of motivation to grind what this type of game requires.

The good news is that if you have a PC or Xbox, Marvel’s Avengers is coming to Game Pass tomorrow (September 30th). The even better news is that the Game Pass version is coming with all the extra content (Kate Bishop and Hawkeye campaigns), and the Black Panther: War for Wakanda expansion will also be included.

Even if you don’t like GaaS games, I would definitely recommend you play a campaign that is very good, if not great. You will be especially impressed by the character and work of Kamala Khan, who is a superbly written protagonist.

Her character will remind you of some heroines of the best single-player games on the market. The campaign itself with the arrival of additional characters will offer you about 15 to 17 hours of good fun.

By: Amber V. – Zexron