Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 Review

Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 are tightly folded, but also resistant to sweat and rain (IPX4 rating). The shape and extremely low weight.

Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 Review

Photo Credits: Xiaomi/Promo

Minimalist, extremely compact headphones are accompanied by the same box. Charges via Micro-USB connector.

FeaturesTouch control, Auto power on and pairing, AAC technology support
Cable length/
Technical characteristics
Frequency range20 ~ 20,000 Hz
Playback time4 h
Built-in microphoneYes
Range10 m
Battery43 mAh
Additional information
Kit includesHeadphones, Charging box (300 mAh), Charging cable, 3 pairs of silicone covers, User manual

Although completely plastic, the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 are tightly folded, but also resistant to sweat and rain (IPX4 rating). The shape and extremely low weight make them extremely comfortable, and the absence of additional stabilizers does not affect the strength in the ears - they do not show any tendency to involuntary loss. They come with three sets of silicone earplugs, of different sizes.

The outer sides of the housing can be pressed. The hardness of these keys is well affected so it is easy to use them when the headphones are in your ears. One press of any key starts and pauses the music and answers phone calls, and a double press starts the voice assistant. Song transfer and volume control are performed on a mobile phone - Xiaomi did not assign these actions to the keys, which we consider to be one of the few shortcomings of these headphones. Voice assistant voice and microphone microphones are surprisingly good and remain quite usable even in less favorable environments.

Given the really compact dimensions, we expected that the headphone battery would not last more than three hours, but it still works - the autonomy is about four hours, and charging in the box takes an hour and a half. The box has a battery with a capacity of 300 mAh and the batteries in the headphones (43 mAh) can charge the trip. Its charging takes two hours. It is done via Micro-USB connector.

Sound quality is another aspect in which Xiaomi headphones offer over one might expect for the money required. Although we wouldn’t necessarily call the sound image carefully balanced, primarily because the bass is quite accentuated, the sound of the Mi Earbuds will be very appealing to many users. The thunder of the bass, however, is not so great as to suffocate the vocals and instruments. Midrange sounds satisfactorily clean and detailed. Transition from mid to high frequencies is a bit amplified, so some vocals can sound sibilant, but in return, the experience of blurring and closed presentation is completely eliminated.