Robotic vacuum cleaners and floor washers

Robotic vacuum cleaners and floor washers

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You’ve probably all heard of robotic vacuum cleaners before.

Only that he also knows what to do. Some of them have developed to this day to such an extent that they can wash the floor. But such universality sometimes comes at a price.

He who knows a hundred things does not master any

This is not always the case, but universality usually means that a device with multiple functions usually does not perform any of the best. We know, for example, washer-dryers. Due to the lack of space, they may be most welcome, but it is clear that the two are better separated. Because of weight disparities in the laundry of the universal machine in different functions, or simply because a standalone washing machine can wash the second "hot" while the dryer dries the first.

For the first time, we save time, the value of which is especially awareness of the parents of young children, not to mention the quality of the task. It is similar to robotic vacuum cleaners, which can vacuum and wash the floor simultaneously. Many people enjoy the idea, but the manufacturer must accept some compromises in order to be ubiquitous.

If a standard large robotic vacuum cleaner performs both functions at the same time, it is logical that this should be known somewhere. Even if you never use the washing feature, the trash can is smaller since the volume is absorbed by the liquid container.

There is also less room for a more efficient brush system. In universal devices, there is only room for one, and practice says that two are much better choices, as they are better at whipping rubbish from carpets or textile floor coverings. If most of the apartment is covered with them, the dishwashing function does not make excessive sense, so buy something with a universal device that you will not use. Like buying a washer-dryer and never drying laundry in it.

The washing function, which is subordinate to vacuuming, dictated the design, shape, and manner of movement of universal robotic vacuum cleaners. As a result, they are more expensive than less expensive types of robotic sinks, and they wash less around the borders of walls or furniture due to the improper shape and location of the module. They also have issues with the joints between the tiles because they are more difficult to reach.

Then there's another undeniable fact. Universality always increases the complexity of the design and the likelihood of failure, which might have an impact on user comfort. Especially if no official service is available for the chosen vacuum cleaner to deal with it in such instances.

As a consequence, your floors will be cleaner, you will have less work to do, and you will have more time to spend on more fun things.