New 6G network - up to 100 times faster than the 5G

New 6G network - up to 100 times faster than the 5G

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China has gone one step above the 5G network and announced record results of 6G data streaming.

China has long been testing 6G technology and networks that will offer new services and data transfer speeds that are astonishingly larger than the 5G network.

The South China Morning Post published a story about data transmission in the Chinese 6G network at a speed of 1 terabyte on a frame of just over one kilometer, which is the highest data transfer speed officially achieved wirelessly.

The research was led by Professor Zhang Chao from Jinghua University, one of the largest research centers in Beijing and China, and record data rates were achieved thanks to the very high frequencies of radio waves used during transmission - vortex-millimeter waves.

Unfortunately, this research only incidentally applies to 6G networks, because these types of alas, which travel up to or faster than five times the speed of sound, are designed for hypersonic weapons, communication, and direct targeting of distant targets and are conducted under the supervision of the Chinese military industry.

However, the system was officially tested for the first time as the 6G network of the future and was trained and put into operation during the Winter Olympics in China, thanks to which it is possible to deliver over 10,000 live high-definition broadcasts in the same place. According to Professor Zhang Chao, vortex millimeter waves are the biggest breakthrough in the study of radio waves in the last 100 years. This type of radio wave, unlike all others currently used, has three dimensions instead of two and resembles the vortex that is created during a tornado.

The most interesting thing about this research, Chinese scientists claim, is not the speed of data transfer itself, but a new physical dimension that could lead to incredible breakthroughs in further research on information transfer.

According to current research results, the 6G network could be up to 100 times better in terms of network capacity and speed and will bring the ability to communicate from space, and China is likely to remain a leader in this area, as this country alone has more than 40% active 6G patents, although it has rivals such as Nokia Networks, Cisco, Samsung and especially Ericsson.

On the other hand, Chinese manufacturers of 5G equipment continue to face American blockades around the world, but also the country's plan to remove all ZTE and Huawei communication relays across the United States. That venture has become drastically more expensive - with $ 1.8 billion in 2020, today it requires at least $ 5.6 billion.

Apple and Google team up to neutralize China's advantage

Former President of the United States Donald Trump posted on his Twitter account in 2019: "I want 5G, even 6G, I want this technology in America as soon as possible. It is much more powerful, faster, and smarter than current standards. American companies have to work harder or they will lag behind others. "

Despite the fact that China has an advantage when it comes to 6G patents, only one company from that country is on the top ten lists. The top three companies with 6G patents worldwide are NEC, Daewoo Communications, and Mitsubishi. Artificial intelligence will play a significant role in 6G, and China can boast of holding as much as 75% of 6G patents in this area.

Apple and Google joined  The Next G Alliance with the goal of advancing North American mobile technology leadership in 6G over the next decade while working on the evolution of 5G.