Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, and Mortal Kombat X are free games for PS Plus subscribers that you can download in October, starting on Tuesday, October 5


Photo Credits: Miguel Lagoa/Shutterstock

With the first Tuesday in October near, Sony has revealed on its blog which free games PS Plus members will be able to download over the next month. As before, in order to include them in the collections, you need an active membership, or subscription, which is already needed for multiplayer gaming on Sony consoles, but we are of the opinion that with monthly gifts it pays off. Of course, there will always be dissatisfied people who do not like the monthly offer, but on an annual basis, such people will certainly find a couple of games that they will be very happy to try. In October, Sony will give us Hell Let Loose, PGA Tour 2K21, and Mortal Kombat X, and they will be available until Monday, November 1, when they will be succeeded by new free titles.


Team 17 pleasantly surprised us with their war FPS Hell Let Loose, which we played during the early access, and we dealt with it in more detail a couple of months ago when it appeared in full version for the PC. Apart from the mentioned platform, Hell Let Loose has also been announced for consoles, more precisely Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, on which it will be released on October 5, and just then it will become available as a free game on the latter.

In short, it is a shooter that takes us to several World War II battlefields in a fairly realistic way and one bullet is enough to kill us. Great emphasis is placed on communication between players because without it you can forget any progress and success given that each side has fifty players divided into platoons of six people and each has its own role on the field.


Although golf is not at the top of our list of activities that kill free time, it used to happen that games on this topic occupy us quite a bit, and one of the most popular series is certainly that of the 2K Sports team, which offers us a new edition every year.

The offer of free games included last year's title, PGA Tour 2K21, which was well received by critics, stating that the developers continued in the direction of realism, and added new elements that will offer fans of such games new challenges and keep them longer.


For a good fight, years are not important, and Mortal Kombat X offers a good fight for sure, so many players who include it in their collection from Tuesday will undoubtedly try their hand at the brutal fights that this combat title provides. The console version was often hailed by critics as one of the best in the entire series, which unfortunately was not the case for the PC edition due to a bunch of technical flaws.

Either way, Mortal Kombat X is definitely one of the best games to play in the company of friends, but if you don’t have a team to take turns on the couch with snacks and comment on the competitor’s brutal punches and moves, you can always play it against the computer or online.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron