NFT Diamond Costs The Same As A Real One?

Dec 28, 2021 - 13:00
NFT Diamond Costs The Same As A Real One?

We are used to NFT becoming quite famous and many people buying NFT art.

Everyone can make their own collection of digital products, that’s great and everything is appreciated here.

Are the prices realistic or not? Who is sure? The market changes every day and sets its own requirements. Here, of course, it is calculated how we get ethereum. Everything needs to be well thought out and only then is the price set for NFT.

People noticed the collection of diamonds published by the artist from New York, Sebastian Errazuriz. The collection is really beautiful. Sebastian Errazuriz is an educated artist and is 44 years. He creates with NFT art, has designed solutions for various technological projects and public art. We can see fantastic work on his site. His art makes sense. Every painting has a powerful message. Tastes vary, but Sebastian Errazuriz has more positive comments. Where are the values? Diamonds are special but digital?

How to put a digital diamond on a ring? This is just a preparation for virtual reality. Truth is that we live in lies with social networks, but soon everyone will create their own house virtually. Then it will be valuable only virtually and no one will be interested in real life.

Maybe there will be an algorithm that will connect the ring and the diamond. We count the hours we spend online every day and everyone is certainly 70% of their time online. We already live virtually. They just remembered to put glasses on us and we will actually be in the living room, but virtually on the beach. Wait, people do that now, don’t they?

How do older generations react to this sort of novelty? ‘Look, grandma, I bought you a digital diamond!’ From then on, the grandson was always hungry.

Perspective is everything. Do you buy these diamonds now and then be rich? Will this become a blockchain gif in a couple of years? Kitty set the standard that if you buy now, you will be a rich man. Since 2017, it is rumored that everything will be a blockchain system. Either way, this diamond collection is beautiful. Sebastian Errazuriz explained why the price was like that. He believes that real diamonds are mostly artificial and made by man. Also says the price of a real diamond is high. Then he explains that NFT diamonds are an art, so every digital diamond has great value.

See the complete collection on the website

Maybe a digital diamond is more practical for you. You can easily give it to loved ones around the world, much easier than the real one. We remind you to be careful with wallets. There are many scams. Hackers can easily take your data and there are too many offers, always be a part of an NFT community and ask for advice.

The future is colorful, let’s forget the values we know, everything is changing. Anyone who wants to be a part of the blockchain and the virtual world can only adapt because the market has really set high standards. This may seem strange to us, but even when the Internet came along, people were confused by the changes and now they can’t do without it.