No Man's Sky: First update 2022 with AMD FSR

The Sentinel update for No Man's Sky was released last Wednesday, which comes up with far-reaching innovations in the weapon system, combat, and enemies. 

No Man's Sky: First update 2022 with AMD FSR

Photo Credits: Hello Games / Promo

The Sentinel update for the action-adventure No Man's Sky was released last Wednesday, which, according to the developer Hello Games, comes up with far-reaching innovations in the weapon system, combat, and enemies. In addition, the developers are currently working on a port for the Nintendo Switch. AMD FSR is now also supported.

Hello Games rolled out the first update in 2022 for their open-world game No Man's Sky, which will soon be six years old. The 3.8 update is called "Sentinel" and is intended to bring far-reaching changes to the game's weapons, combat, and enemies. AMD FSR also comes into play with the update - in performance mode, and RX Vega 56 in UHD "High" should increase from 40 to 70 fps. The developers at Hello Games describe the new patch as follows:

"The Sentinel update brings an overhaul of the in-game combat system and the enemies you encounter to create something far more challenging and exciting. No Man's Sky is a game that thrives on discovery, but our universe was already always one filled with danger. Sentinels oversee the planets you discover and have long been an element of the game that we wanted to make more interesting, deep and fun - while also allowing players to explore them [the Sentinels] in a more meaningful way way to conquer and overcome."

Big changes coming with Update 3.8 - Switch port in the works

The patch is very extensive, with the "Sentinel Hardframe Mech" there is a huge robot enemy, from whose individual parts the player can create his own robot companion. There are also revised weapon graphics and effects as well as upgrades for the same. As with previous major updates, there will also be a new time-limited expedition, dubbed the "Exobiology Expedition" in the Sentinel update, that will allow the player to unlock exclusive cosmetic rewards. The detailed changes of update 3.8 can be found on the No Man's Sky website .

The Sentinel update has already been released for PC, Playstation, Xbox, and supported VR platforms. Nintendo Switch users can also look forward to experiencing No Man's Sky on their handheld, as Hello Games is currently working on a port for Nintendo's console, which they plan to release this summer.

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