Nvidia surprises with three new graphics cards

Well, check it out - Nvidia is launching three new laptop graphics cards: GeForce RTX 2050, GeForce MX570, and GeForce MX550.

Nvidia surprises with three new graphics cards

Photo Credits: Trusted Reviews

You thought that the premiere of the refreshed GeForce RTX 2060 is the peak of crazy premieres? Well, check it out - Nvidia is launching three new laptop graphics cards: GeForce RTX 2050, GeForce MX570, and GeForce MX550.

The new graphics cards have been designed with laptops for players and content creators in mind - although new designs are to appear on the market next spring, the manufacturer has already revealed the secret about the specifications of the chipsets. And it is worth noting that it is quiteā€¦ crazy.

Nvidia introduces three new cards for laptops

Contrary to appearances, GeForce RTX 2050 is a design from the latest generation Ampere (and not Turing as if it could appear after marking - for example, as in the case of GeForce RTX 2060).

ModelGeForce RTX 2050GeForce RTX 2060GeForce RTX 3050
GenerationNvidia AmpereNvidia TuringNvidia Ampere
Graphic layoutAmpere GA107Turing TU106Ampere GA107
Timing1155 - 1477 MHz960 - 1200 MHz1057-1740 MHz
CUDA cores204819202048
RT units16 (2nd gen)30 (1st gen)16 (2nd gen)
Tensor Units64 (3rd gen)240 (2nd gen)64 (3rd gen)
Video memory4 GB GDDR6 64-bit6 GB GDDR6 192-bit4 GB GDDR6 128-bit
Memory clock14,000 MHz14,000 MHz12,000 MHz
Memory bandwidth112 GB / s336 GB / s192 GB / s
TGP coefficient35 - 55 W.80 - 90 W.35 - 80 W.

The manufacturer used the Ampere GA107 graphics chip with 2048 CUDA units and 4 GB of GDDR6 64-bit memory. We can therefore expect a card with a basic performance, which will be characterized by quite low energy consumption - the TGP factor is 35-55 W.

The GeForce MX570 and GeForce MX550 models are also quite interesting, which are in the most basic performance segment - theoretically, they are to be an alternative to graphics integrated into the processor.

ModelGeForce MX450GeForce MX550GeForce MX570
GenerationNvidia TuringNvidia TuringNvidia Ampere
Graphic layoutTuring TU117Turing TU116Ampere GA107
Video memory2 GB GDDR6 64-bitGDDR6GDDR6
Memory clock10,000 MHz??????
Memory bandwidth80 GB / s??????
TGP coefficient24 watts??????

However, it is worth paying attention to the card specification - the GeForce MX570 belongs to the Ampere generation (GA107), but the GeForce MX550 is a chip from the older Turing generation (TU117). In both cases, GDDR6 video memory was used (details about the capacity and interface have not been disclosed yet).

Nvidia messes with markings - customers may have a problem

The presentation of the GeForce RTX 2050, GeForce MX570, and GeForce MX550 is one of the weirdest releases (or rather announcements) on the graphics card market. Nvidia mixed up the markings, so less informed users may have a problem with distinguishing the systems. And it is worth adding that the matter is important because the models from the Ampere generation offer support for ray tracing, DLSS, and Nvidia Broadcast. In the case of the Turing generation, such functions were not provided.