Redragon Musas Gaming Headphones Review

The Musas model have a much more traditional gaming design. The shape of the headphones is asymmetrical and modern. The bass extends to around 28Hz.

Redragon Musas Gaming Headphones Review

Photo Credits: Redragon/Promo

Redragon has a tendency to give products strange names, and this time they most likely meant the Greek goddesses of inspiration, while omitting one word for the plural. Fortunately, it turned out to be the only thing they missed.


The Musas model have a much more traditional gaming design. The shape of the headphones is asymmetrical and modern and everything is a combination of black surfaces and red details, which is an old-school gaming combination.

On the side of both headphones, there is the Redragon logo in the shape of a dragon, on a plate of brushed metal texture, and around it are two lines with red LED lighting. The part that fits around the ears is framed by soft memory foam pads lined with artificial leather, while the inside is covered with red fabric with black mesh, which is a very nice detail.

The frame above the head is covered with a pad with a fairly rich layer of memory foam and red artificial leather, which guarantees that the headphones will certainly not itch when worn. Except for the pads, everything else is made of plastic.

The size change part is reinforced with metal accessories, and the headphones are more adapted to a slightly larger head, so even those with a champion skull will wear them with no inconvenience. The headphones do not exert almost any pressure on the smaller head, which is actually not bad, because with the mentioned pillows, the comfort is at a top level and the headphones almost do not feel on the head. True, the insulation is not at the highest level, so it is still possible to hear the surroundings quietly, despite the closed design. The plastic construction also has a positive side as low weight, so the headphones are quite easy to carry.

The left handset also has a microphone that you can raise or lower as needed, and whose mechanism has 10 steps in rotation to stay firmly in the place where you place it. The body of the microphone is flexible, but it is a small complaint that it is not a little longer, because the microphone stands a little to the side. It cannot be bent so that it stands right in front of the mouth. However, it may be planned to be just like that.

There are also volume keys and a microphone deactivation button on the back of the left earpiece. Unlike the classic wheel, the volume control with the keys is not so fast if you want to reduce the volume, although the keys have a very precise click and each press changes the volume by 2 percent.

What’s interesting is that the headphones only come with a USB connection, so there’s no 3.5mm cable option, which means you’ll be able to connect them to a PC or consoles that support USB audio, but not to a mobile phone. So, their purpose is exclusively gaming. If the design of the headphones themselves does not seem convincing, the cable leaves a completely opposite impression, with braided protection, an accessory to eliminate electromagnetic interference and a fairly robust connector.


With sound, we have to admit we were very skeptical. Although they stand out with their appearance, their sound is, to put it mildly, catastrophic. Miraculously, the sound produced by Redragon Musas far exceeds the impression left by the workmanship, which is a very pleasant surprise. This model uses slightly smaller 50mm driver speakers, with an impedance of 32 ohms and not to mention the type of magnet used. The sound signature is different from the recognizable Takstar’s that adorned Zeus, but it is close to him.

The bass extends to around 28Hz, has solid definitions and surprisingly low harmonic distortion compared to similar models, although it is somewhat stronger, so it masks the middle-and upper part of the spectrum to a lesser extent. However, this is at a far lower level than most models in this class, so the sound still has a solid balance and enough detail in the middle-and upper part of the spectrum that the sound overall gets a very positive rating in relation to the price.

The integrated amplifier is otherwise very loud, so the headphones are 25% loud enough for normal listening, while your grandmother will use them 100% without a hearing aid. I would not recommend you amplify them so much. Redragon states that with the amplifier integrated and 24 bit / 48Khz digital-to-analog converter that should provide high-resolution sound, we can only confirm that this solution really works very well for this class of devices. The only complaint would be the almost inaudible noise that can be noticed when you don’t play anything, which is actually the noise floor of the integrated amplifier.

Software, microphone, additional options

What we believe gamers will especially like is the application that comes with the headphones. More precisely, it does not come, but it is necessary to download it from the site, although the headphones will work with no application or driver. U is a relatively simple interface, but with a lot of useful settings that can affect the sound.

First, there is a five-band equalizer with which you can adjust the frequency response to your taste if you dislike the factory settings. With 12db up and down, it is possible to make extreme changes, and there are four profiles available where you can store various settings.

What’s a little weird is that the EQ tab also includes 3D sound, which you actually control in the Virtual 7.1 section. Here, it is possible to adjust the position of each of the individual channels, and thus affect the sound image when it comes to surround sound. Although you shouldn’t expect miracles, these are stereo headphones, these surround options still improve the impression of space and locating sounds in games, so it’s worth playing with them and adjusting everything to your taste.

The Effect section adds the ability to choose virtual space, and in fact only adds unnecessary reverb, so we recommend that you avoid it. The Mic section provides microphone volume change, as well as some Micro control that either doesn’t work or is there for decoration.

For the microphone, there are two additional options, ENC which acts as a Noise Gate and by reducing which you can set the microphone activation threshold, and VM EFF, Virtual Microphone Effects in which you can add some of the interesting effects to your voice, which can be fun, but also help you be very recognizable on the Discord channel. Complete settings of all parameters can be saved to a file or loaded from a disk.

Finally, we will mention one interesting option. Namely, when you take off the headphones and put them on the table, they automatically detect the horizontal position and turn off the sound and lighting. This means that the sound will be turned off if you fall asleep behind the keyboard due to fatigue, but also if you look straight down while playing - luckily they need to be in a completely horizontal position, so this will not happen often. Of course, it also activates instantly when you pick up the headphones.


Overall, the Redragon Musas headphones, were a very pleasant surprise. Musas seems to be more geared towards gamers, with some very useful features, so it’s certainly an interesting option for gamers looking for affordable headphones.