Review of TWS JBL Live Pro + headphones

Review of TWS JBL Live Pro + headphones

Photo Credits: JBL/Promo

The tested model JBL Live Pro + might be defined as having very tiny headphones with superb sound and effective noise cancellation. These headphones are given by the manufacturer's top model, which has a little leg that has been preserved.

Design and processing

Even before you open the headphones, it is evident that you are holding a high-end model in your hands. Everything is carefully packaged in a paper box, which includes, in addition to the headphones and charging case, a set of manuals, a charging USB-C-USB-A cable, and four silicone connectors of varying sizes.

The case is very compact, and the rounded sides allow it to fit easily into a pocket. There is a USB-C power port on the rear, and three LEDs under the edge of the lid on the front that indicate the charge level.

One-handed opening is inconvenient, but it is manageable with a little effort. The inner section of the case is constructed of matt plastic (as is the casing) and has a molding for headphones. Fast wireless Qi charging is also built-in.

The headphones are then constructed as closed intraaural plugs with a small foot that has three charging connectors on the inside and a contact surface on the outside. In addition, there are four small holes on the body, three of which conceal the microphones. A magnet holds the headphones in the proper position.

The case and headphones are IPX4 certified, which means they are waterproof. Energy for functioning is also insufficient. The pair of plugs can take up to seven hours of use and can be supplemented with a charging case for an additional 21 hours - three full charges. In practice, depending on the listening volume and active noise cancellation, this time has been confirmed more or less.

Comfort and control

Comfort is excellent even after extended usage; with the proper earplugs, the headphones do not press anywhere and are very pleasant to use. The included plugs have a matte surface and seal very effectively - simply placing the headphones in the ear canal eliminates some background noise.

The shape of the headphones is relatively elliptical, and the manufacturer recommends a small forward rotation (foot) after inserting the neck with the plug into the ear canal for a more stable position in the ear. Everything works as it should, and there is no fear of the handset falling out even with a vigorous movement of the head. In terms of comfort, for example.

And how does the control work? Because the headphones discriminate between touch on the right and left plugs, you may control them with a variety of movements. The JBL Headphones utility allows you to customize their settings.

The control logic is slightly different from the competitors, but you may specify exactly what and how you want to control. You select the features for the left and right handsets independently in the program; the menu includes noise cancellation control, player function, volume, voice assistant, and touch mute.

By default, the left handset controls noise-canceling while the right handset controls playback. If your phone has a voice assistant, holding your finger on the touchpad activates it. In actuality, the control is quite pleasant, and the frequency of irritating clicks is reduced thanks to the appropriate design of the headphones.

JBL Live Pro +

  • construction:  plug intraaural headphones closed construction
  • inverters: dynamic 11 mm diameter
  • signal transmission:  Bluetooth 5.0, SBC, AAC
  • frequency range:  20 - 20,000 Hz
  • endurance:  headphones at full charge approx. 7 h, with charging in the case up to 28 h, charging 2 h / 3 h wirelessly
  • functions:  player control, phone calls, ANC and volume according to settings
  • weight:  5 g handset + 50 g rechargeable case
  • accessories:  USB power cable, four pairs of plugs

Controlling noise reduction entails selecting between noise cancellation, ambient sound, and off. However, noise cancellation and ambient sound have three or two additional options that are only available in the application.

Sure, you normally set this up once, but on a daily commute, I'd like to be able to simply change the one-click noise-canceling setting without having to seek it down in the app.

When you open the case, the headset connects to the phone and disconnects when you put it back in. While the handset is taken from your ear, you can activate playback pause, as well as the time to disconnect when not in use, in the program. For transmission, Bluetooth 5.0 with SBC and AAC codecs is loaded.

Musical expression

Although We approached the headphones with suspicion because most JBL audio equipment has a similarly attuned speech with a healthy dosage of fun and so deep bass.

The Live Pro + model, on the other hand, was pleasantly pleased. There is still a dynamic and strong expression, but it is not a bass-heavy sound. On the contrary, the music is beautifully balanced in this situation and will undoubtedly be enjoyable without leaving your head aching from the bass rumble.

There are a lot of low frequencies, and they're all very well dosed. Wednesdays are slightly veiled, and you'll notice where a lot of them are required - generally in spoken word and cinema exchanges. The heights are also enjoyable; it does not sound forceful or fake.

The tuning was excellent here, and the presentation is overall extremely pleasant and crisp, with lots of nuances and a nice touch of spice. They lose slightly at the top of their class, but the disparities are not significant. So musically amazing.

And how do you keep the noise at bay? Aside from the requirement to select the ANC mode (automation may be better and simpler), its efficiency is exceptional. When compared to other models, such as the Realme or Anker, JBL has a pretty considerable advantage in noise suppression efficiency. If this feature is vital to you, don't be afraid to pay the extra money for the plugs; it makes sense.

A well-balanced sound is a matter of course for more expensive models, but it doesn't always have to fit the listeners, sometimes it's too neutral, other times it's too bassed up for fun. But in JBL they hit it almost exactly and from both ends they took it better.