Samsung The Frame, The Sero and The Serif

These three models will not be difficult for you to recognize among other TV because they bring an innovative stylish design.

Samsung The Frame, The Sero and The Serif

Photo Credits: Samsung/Promo

With TVs, we usually look at functionality first, while for design ones, we’ve mostly been short-sleeved so far. Classic black, silver, here and there some white model, all these until recently were the only options for stylish harmonization of the TV with the rest of the home. Of course, regardless of the color, the TV has always been like a “fist in the eye”, and there is no person who will not notice it in the living room, bedroom or any other room where the main is difficult to fit.

Different and better

As one of the leaders in the TV market, Samsung has launched The Frame, The Serif and The Sero models. These three models will not be difficult for you to recognize among other TVs because they bring an innovative stylish design that will in itself be a fashion accessory at home. But let’s go in order and try to decide which model is best to choose.

The first in the series is The Frame. As its name suggests, this TV looks like a picture frame. But not to be outdone, The Frame really displays art paintings. Namely, the TV brings an innovative artistic mode that, when the TV is turned off, displays one of 1,200 works of art from around the world, and you can add your own pictures. In order for The Frame to fit perfectly into the existing interior, various frame designs are also available for the TV. Although artistically oriented, The Frame is also technologically advanced. When we want to enjoy the facilities, The Frame brings a large diagonal of up to 75", so it will fit into the largest spaces. The image display is proverbial for Samsung at the highest level, thanks to the acclaimed QLED technology. In addition to the picture, The Frame delights in audio capabilities, and here we should emphasize the Adaptive Sound technology that will make the sound from the TV clear even with noise. The MultiView mode is also particularly impressive, where the TV shows two content at the same time. For example, the exercises you perform and the favorite series you follow. As a smart TV it brings all the favorite apps you’re used to, like Netflix or Spotify.

TV as a style accessory

The other two models, Samsung The Serif and The Sero are models that also bring a high level of design and style to the look, but unlike The Frame, these TVs will be ideal for those looking for a standalone TV. Namely, The Serif and The Sero come with pedestals on which they stand and as such have no need for additional furniture or brackets. In addition, these two models are special in that you will be able to transfer them relatively easily. The Serif will thus be a favorite with those looking for a blend of design and functionality, and thanks to two, we can say neutral and gentle colors (white and pastel blue), this TV will fit into any interior as a standalone style accessory. As with The Frame, although it is a designer TV, the technology is therefore not put in the background. On the contrary, 4K and QLED with the support of Samsung Quantum Dot technology bring clear and striking colors and pronounced black. The image display automatically adjusts to the ambiance, as does the sound for a never-before-seen clarity and true enjoyment of the content.

TV as a big smartphone?

The last of the three models mentioned is The Sero. Of course, this is also a designer-tuned TV that comes with its own stand, and it is in it that this model hides some never-before-seen possibilities. The most striking of these is the ability to rotate from horizontal to vertical mode. As we enjoy more and more content adapted for vertical display via the smartphone screen, with The Sero we will have the opportunity to enjoy content like on a huge smartphone. Favorite gameplay, TikTok, Instagram and other content that is often customized just for vertical viewing here will look perfect, and when you want, with a twist, The Sero changes its look from vertical to horizontal to enjoy your favorite movie or series. In line with other design models, The Sero also brings special features in this direction, and one of them is the ambient mode that displays, for example, a clock or favorite photos.

The Frame, The Sero or The Serif?

All three models of Samsung The Frame, The Sero and The Serif, in addition to the specifics of each model, also bring some common features, such as easy connection to smartphones. Of course, in addition to the already highlighted common features such as superior image display. Finally, which model to choose? If you are looking for a large diagonal TV that will fit perfectly into the existing interior, there is The Frame. If you are looking for a TV that will be a part in itself and represent a perfectly designed corner of the home, here is The Serif. If your day is marked by the smartphone that you enjoy surfing social networks and games, consider The Sero, which will be ready to turn into your “enlarged” smartphone at any moment.