Samsung's latest One UI 4 beta brings stable AOSP code for Android 12

The development of the Android 12 system for Samsung smartphones is progressing well.

Samsung's latest One UI 4 beta brings stable AOSP code for Android 12

Photo Credits: Samsung / promo

The development of the Android 12 system for Samsung smartphones is progressing well. The company today released the third public One UI 4.0 beta version that integrates the finalized AOSP release of Android 12, bringing a new weather app and many other settings.

The third One UI 4 beta is based on Android 12 base by integrating the finalized AOSP code that Google released earlier this month. This does not mean that this is a stable version, but it is based on what Google considers "final" and what is also used on Pixel phones, such as the recently released Pixel 6 Pro.

Further, this updated version brings several bug fixes, including partially translated menus, an error that caused the phone to reset after changing the theme, an error in which Bixby did not work on the lock screen, and other issues that sound a bit uninteresting.

The biggest visual change is perhaps the overhaul of the Samsung Weather app, which now looks more like a company widget with an Android 12 theme that arrived in a recent update. Visually, it looks much nicer now than it was before, especially now that there are no ads.

The only other change faced by users outside of the new Weather app is that Samsung has added a "stretched" scrolling effect that Google has added to Android 12, something you'll either hate or completely forget about. It is noticeable that Samsung's approach is a bit more subtle than it was originally with Google.

By: Amber V. - Zexron