Smaller i5 and i3 models are faster than the Ryzen

Benchmarks for the Intel processors Core i5-12400, Core i3-12300 and Core i3-12100 were published in the Chiphell forum.

Smaller i5 and i3 models are faster than the Ryzen

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Benchmarks for the Intel processors Core i5-12400, Core i3-12300, and Core i3-12100 were published in the Chiphell forum. Accordingly, with Alder Lake, Intel can overtake the cheaper Ryzen 5000 processors. It's also looking good in terms of efficiency.

On November 4th, Intel presented the first Alder Lake processors and thus updated its own range for high-end users. The cheaper i5 and all i3 models from the new generation are missing so far, however, below the Core i5-12600K you still have to resort to the old Rocket Lake generation. But that should change soon, and new models are also supposed to bring AMD into trouble. At least benchmark data that has already been published in the Chinese Chiphell forum speak for this.

Faster and sometimes more efficient

The Alder Lake processors Core i3-12300, Core i3-12100, and Core i5-12400 were tested in the two benchmarks published separately. The AMD processors Ryzen 3 3100, Ryzen 3 Pro 4350G, Ryzen 3 Pro 5350G, Ryzen 5 5600G, and Ryzen 5 5600X served as competing products. Like the Intel models, these have 4 or 6 cores and twice as many threads.

CPU ThreadsRateArchitectureProduction
Intel Core i5-124006/122,5 / 4,4 GHzGolden Cove10 nm
Intel Core i3-123004/82,5 / 4,4 GHzGolden Cove10 nm
Intel Core i3-121004/83,3 / 4,3 GHzGolden Cove10 nm
Ryzen 5 5600G6/123,9 / 4,4 GHzZen 37 nm
Ryzen 5 5600X6/123,7 / 4,6 GHzZen 37 nm
Ryzen 3 31004/83,6 / 3,9 GHzZen 27 nm
Ryzen 3 Pro 4350G4/83,8 / 4,0 GHzZen 27 nm
Ryzen 3 Pro 5350G4/84,0 / 4,2 GHzZen 37 nm

The processors were tested, among other things, in 3DMark Time Spy Extreme, in Cinebench R23, and in CS: GO. The Core i5-12400 is roughly on par with the fastest AMD processor tested, the Ryzen 5 5600X. With the exception of CS: GO, the race goes to Intel throughout, and in this game, too, the Ryzen processor can only place itself very slightly ahead of Intel's Alder Lake model. According to AIDA, the Core i5-12400 only consumes 73 to 79 watts, whereas the Ryzen 5 5600X consumes significantly more with 113 watts.

In contrast, the differences in performance are significantly greater for the tested i3 processors. Compared to the AMD Ryzen 3 Pro 5350G, these are consistently ahead. In the multicore benchmark of Cinebench R23, for example, the Core i3-12300 is 24 percent faster than the AMD model, and it is also just under 20 percent in CS: GO. But the Intel processors also need more energy for this: In AIDA, the i3-12300 has 64 watts, whereas the Ryzen 3 Pro 5350G only has 53 watts.

Provided the performance data from the Chiphell forum are correct, AMD's current processors will soon have real competition from Intel in the lower price range. As usual, you should first wait for the official benchmarks of the processors for a clear assessment. In addition, AMD will probably not be left behind for too long. In the form of the Ryzen processors with 3D-V-Cache, a CPU upgrade is already in progress to compete with Intel's Alder Lake.