Delivery by drone: Amazon with a second location in 2022

Along with Lockeford, Amazon drones will deliver packages in College Station later this year.

Delivery by drone: Amazon with a second location in 2022

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Amazon recently announced that it will begin drone deliveries later this year. Let's begin in Lockeford, California, in the United States.

Now, the group is following suit, guaranteeing Texas delivery via unmanned aerial vehicle. The Prime Air initiative should take off in Lockeford as well as College Station.

Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to have products delivered by drone later this year, according to the company. Customers can select among thousands of commonplace things.

Parcels up to 2.3 kilos in weight can be transported. The drones utilized can fly at speeds of up to 80 km/h and at heights of up to 122 meters, according to the manufacturer.

Amazon had already successfully delivered a package via drone in 2016. The company was testing delivery in the UK at the time. Popcorn and a Fire TV Stick were delivered.

Amazon has secured permission from the US Federal Aviation Administration to operate its Prime Air delivery drones since August 2020.

However, Amazon Prime Air will initially only be available in a few regions. After all, you want to get feedback on drone delivery first. One wonders how the drones dropped the packages in gardens or backyards. The MK27-2 hexacopter with six motors is used.

The drones should be able to recognize and avoid obstacles on their own using the sense-and-avoid system. It is yet unknown when Prime Air will be expanded.

Post by Bryan C.