Smartwatch Suunto 9 - Classic fitness

Suunto system is closed and there are no additional apps, it allows you to easily share the data you collect with partner sports apps...

Smartwatch Suunto 9 - Classic fitness

Photo Credits: Suunto/Promo

Suunto 9 is a large watch with a case of 50 x 50 mm and a thickness of 16.5 mm. In other words, it will ideally sit on larger arms and still look bulky. The focus of the watch is, of course, on the screen, but with a diagonal of 1.39” the edges around the screen are simply massive, giving the impression that the face of the watch is small. The watch is protected by reinforced mineral glass that should last a long time without scratches, and the watch frame is of course steel.

The rest of the watch, in the interest of weight reduction and a better signal, is made of reinforced plastic and you won't have any problems with it. The underside of the watch has a heart rate sensor, and the accuracy can be improved by connecting the watch with separate meters, and only in this way does the measurement work in water.

The screen is transreflective, ie it is best seen when the sun shines on it, which is a big advantage over OLED and LCD screens if you spend most of your time outdoors. Another advantage of the screen is low battery consumption, so this smartwatch often has a longer battery life than others. On the other hand, the transreflective screen has something … a more traditional look that has very washed out colors, especially under artificial lighting when it's harder to read. In addition, the screen was cut off at the bottom, as was done in the early days of the smartwatch industry.

While the Suunto system is closed and there are no additional apps, it allows you to easily share the data you collect with partner sports apps you may prefer to track your recreation. The transfer is done via mobile phone and is not complicated. Suunto 9 will track you with its fairly accurate GPS system, and it also tracks your heart rate, steps, calories, sleep if you wear it at night, stress and your recovery status from previous training.

We would say that it is ideal for those who often go to nature for long distances and the watch can help you with advanced location functions and loaded maps with recommendations and routes traveled by others with Suunto watches. It’s also easy to get back to the starting point if you get lost and route planning becomes an easy mission. Of course, the clock remembers all your adventures and sends them to the app so you can analyze them later along with your performance. The watch can, of course, be taken underwater with the ATM10 standard up to 100 meters in depth and there are no problems with swimming.

The application, as we mentioned, expands the possibilities of the watch by offering you clear content of past exercises and current status, and you can easily transfer the details to other sports applications. Here you can personalize the look of the watch itself and set a constant display of details that are important to you. You can also download planned routes from other users and easily load them into the application, and thus the clock.

Let’s mention at the end that the watch battery lasts from seven to 14 days, depending, of course, on the settings you adjust. Constant GPS tracking will of course drain the watch much faster, but Suunto has several tracking methods that can reduce battery strain, depending on how accurate you want and how long your adventure will last.