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Review: Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Now you can prepare your own food with the help of various recipes with which you can then get temporary boosts in your statistics...

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Dragon Age 4: release within 18 months?

Dragon Age 4 is thus moving towards the 2023 edition, which could have been predicted recently, because rumors knew that the 2022 ...

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Download Windbound for free in the Epic Games Store

Windbound is full of interesting ideas, especially when it comes to a potentially open world surrounded by the sea and friendly a...

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Elden Ring: Minimum computer requirements

Elden Ring is a new part of the developer From Software. The game will be innovative within the ‘Souls’ formula titled ‘Open World...

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This time, the controllers are not only held in the hands. But can also be attached to the legs or upper arms, to play games such ...

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