The eight-year-old who sold his precious collection to save his dog delighted the world with his gesture!

Photo Credits : Bryson Kliemann / YouTube: YouTube: PokeMans Alex

Namely, the boy started collecting Pokemon cards from the age of four, and he had hundreds of them in his collection because it became his obsession, so he asked for them for every birthday and Christmas, only to have cards stored in locked up boxes.

However, the great love for the pictures fell into oblivion the moment his dog Bruce fell ill, so little Bryson decided to sell them, and thus collect enough money for his treatment, writes “USA Today”.

His Pokemon cards are his most expensive obsession,” the boy’s mother told the media.

Little Bryson’s incredible and unusual gesture united America, so help for the treatment of his pet began to arrive from all sides.

It makes me happy that everyone gathered to help” – the boy said happily.

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By: Amber V. – Gossip Whispers