The Xbox Series X / S will get two more memory expansion options

Microsoft and Seagate have confirmed that the Xbox Series consoles will get two more options to expand the storage space for games.

The Xbox Series X / S will get two more memory expansion options

Photo Credits: Seagate / promo

Seagate capacity expansion cards for the Xbox Series X and S consoles have proven to be a reliable and convenient way to upgrade the console itself. Unlike the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles had the option of expanding memory from the start and did not require any console opening or unscrewing to increase the capacity of the console itself.

But one thing was limiting - the cards came exclusively in one terabyte capacity. This means that the capacity of the console itself was limited to a maximum of 1.8 TB… although additional capacity could be provided by additional cards that would be changed as needed. However, a more practical solution is now arriving.

Seagate will offer two more card options for the Xbox: one of 512 GB and the other of 2 TB. The card of 512 GB will be sold at a price of 139.99 US dollars, while the card capacity of 2 TB will cost 399.99 US dollars. The 512GB model will go on sale during the 11th month, and the 2TB model during the twelfth.

By: Amber V. - Zexron