There is no AVX-512 in the new Core CPUs that is in the process

Photo Credits : Intel

We wrote at the end of the summer that perhaps the world’s most vomited set of instructions, the AVX-512, got a serious stomach from its developer. Intel originally planned that the high-performance cores of Alder Lake’s codenamed CPU would support the system, but it was eventually abandoned because its operation required that the lower-performance E-cores be turned off.

Understandably, Intel is focusing on distributing the hybrid design rather than a little-used, highly fragmented set of instructions, but unlike the original plans, the AVX-512 has not been cut out of microcode, making it possible to turn on like ASUS, ASRock, and Gigabyte motherboard manufacturers did. To do this, you must first disable all E-Core within the BIOS and then activate the AVX-512 setting, which is inactive by default.

The feature actually works, but you shouldn’t build on that when you buy. This is because neither Intel nor the manufacturer of this particular motherboard guarantees system stability with an active AVX-512. This is simply outside the scope of the warranty, it is practically tuning, ie everyone involved should wash their hands if the purchased hardware environment may not be stable after switching on the function.

For now, the question is also whether the possibility of activating it will last forever. We know that Intel just didn’t address the issue due to limited time, they simply turned off the instruction set, but it wasn’t removed from the microcode. However, this can be done at any time, meaning that the ability to activate later may disappear from the motherboard BIOS.

By: Amber V. – Zexron