VESA has introduced the Embedded DisplayPort 1.5 standard

Photo Credits : vesa / promo

VESA has published specifications for the new Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) version 1.5 standard, which will mainly be used in laptops and tablets, all-in-ones and mini-PCs, cars, and other electronics where there is a display.

Compared to the current eDP 1.4b, eDP 1.5 will inherit all the key functions, but will also receive new ones. First, the panel’s self-refreshing function has been developed. The essence of the technology is in energy saving: static images of the display are saved in its memory, other parts of the system go into standby mode. Embedded DisplayPort 1.5 adds an even more cost-effective Panel Replay protocol as well as Adaptive-Sync compatibility.

In addition, eDP 1.5 can work with OLED displays. For monitors with a large refresh rate range, a flicker reduction mechanism has been added. In the case of watching movies or streaming video at low frame rates, a new protocol has been added to prevent dropped frames and repetitions.

Intel has warmly embraced the new standard. The posted message basically repeats everything that is said above. Of the worthy attention, I will only note an increase in battery life and an extension of battery life.

By: Amber V. – Zexron