VIDEO: Galaxy Z Fold 3 meets concrete

Photo Credits : YouTube/PhoneBuff

The team from the YouTube channel PhoneBuff has decided to put Samsung’s new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone to test, a switch with a flexible screen that allows you to transition from a smartphone to a tablet.

This time the “Inquisition” didn’t bother it with scratching and chipping, but they wanted to check how it withstood one of the most common scenarios we’ve all gone through in life – falling from a height on concrete, a situation that happens to us at least once with every new phone we buy.

How the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 withstood this ” drop test ” and whether they sent it for recycling after that test or continued to use it for telephoning, emailing, surfing, googling, and gaming, see in this video.

By: Amber v. – Zexron