Which gadget users complain about the most?

Each gadget was ultimately rated according to how many tweets contained a complaint about a particular technology product.

Which gadget users complain about the most?

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The tweet analysis tool listed the complaints that can be found on the social network. The most frequently disputed consoles, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, headphones, smart and portable devices stand out.There’s probably no man in the world who hasn’t at least once been disappointed in some electronic device because it didn’t work the way it should or as we would expect from it. SciShow even posted a video in which they tried to explain why electronics don’t work so often.

To assess which electronic devices most rarely work as they should and which users complain the most. The Electronics Hub blog has developed a complaint detection tool for analyzing tweets that mention popular technology products.Each gadget was ultimately rated according to how many tweets contained a complaint about a particular technology product. Here is a list of technology products that have received the most complaints, according to Electronics Hub:

Game consoles

The highest number of complaints came from three Microsoft consoles: Xbox Series X (12.5 percent), Xbox One (12.1 percent) and Xxox Series S (9.8 percent). They are followed by Sony PlayStation 5 (9.7 percent), Nintendo Switch (7.6 percent) and Sony PlayStation 4 (0.5 percent). Electronics Hub, however, points out that most of the complaints actually related to the inability to find these products because they are not in stock. The question is whether the tweets listed were complaints or compliments?

Cell phones

Most complaints were tweeted for Google Pixel 6 (27.2 percent), mainly because of the inability of users to charge the phone with older chargers or third-party chargers. The other phones on the list were mostly iPhones, which Apple people certainly won’t like. The percentage of complaints with all smartphones is the same, from the iPhone 6S and iPhone 12 Mini (both 26.1 percent), to the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 8 (both 22.8 percent).


Users sent the most tweets with complaints to HP laptops (29.1 percent), followed by complaints about Lenovo (28.8 percent). Complaints to HP included everything from battery power, to failed device startup, to poor customer service.


Realme Buds had the most complaints of all headphones (33.8 percent), related to connectivity, sound and touch issues. More than a third tweets about Buds, but also about Bose’s Noise Canceling Headphones 700 model, related to various complaints.Complaints to Realme Buds headphones have usually been related to customer support, and sometimes to a third-party vendor, but there are also problems with buzzing and complete loss of contact. The worst thing about Apple’s AirPods (11.5 percent) is that the music is interrupted by the voice of a robot telling you your connection is over.

Portable devices

Fitbit Charge 4 accounts for 31.4 percent of complaints about wearables, and the main reason for dissatisfaction was the gap between the device and the belt. In terms of volume, complaints in tweets are followed by Whoop 4.0 (23.5 percent) and Fitbit Versa 2 (16.7 percent). The Apple Watch Series 7 accounted for 13 percent of complaints, while the Xiaomi MI SmartBand 5 accounted for 12.9 percent.


Unbelievable, but complaints about Apple’s tablets climb to 33.3 percent for sixth-generation devices. Interestingly, the iPad took eight of the top ten tweets in which users complain about their devices. Complaints range from the non-intuitive way the iPod OS stores, in fact, files, to making owners angry that their babies are up early in the morning, asking to be given a tech toy.


People seem to complain a bit about the cameras they bough. In all of that, GoPro Hero 8 Black did the worst with 8.6 percent of tweets in which someone complains about the product.

Smart devices

Of all the possible devices in the house, customers seem to complain the most about the smart ones. Number one in the number of complaints is Philips Hue Bridge, as much as 42.7 percent. This white innocent-looking box that Philips describes as the “brain of the Philips Hue smart lighting system” annoys users who complain about connectivity issues and compatibility with other smart home devices and networks.

Americans and British

Philips Hue Bridge leads the list of products most often complained about by Americans (42.9 percent). Chromecast follows the number of complaints in the United States (39.1 percent), and three Apple iPhones are high on the list.

On this side of the Atlantic, in the UK, customers complain most about the smart home appliance Nest Thermostat (50 percent). The list of ten gadgets that cause the most complaints from users includes six phones, as well as Apple TV 4K with 38.5 percent of tweets with complaints.