You can get two M1 Max chips in the new Mac Pro

Jan 24, 2022 - 07:24
You can get two M1 Max chips in the new Mac Pro

According to previously posted tweets by @dylandkt, a reliable leaker, he believes Apple will finalize the shift to its own chips by the end of the year. He claims that the SoC, known as M2, will arrive this year, which could be an improved, more efficient, and energy-efficient version of the original M1, and is based on previous rumors of TSMC's 4nm node.

The M2 can be found in the 2022 MacBook Air or the 14-inch MacBook Pro, which is less expensive. And, of course, the Pro model has all of the additional capabilities accessible on the higher-performance variants, with the exclusion of HDMI output and SD card reader, so owners of the cheaper model may need to access certain Type- With port C and the MagSafe charging connector.

 If all of the above happens, all you have to do is upgrade your Mac Pro. Professional desktops are not said to be an enhanced version of the M2 SoC but will remain in this segment with the M1 Max, of which two can be housed inside the machine, doubling the number of CPUs and graphics cores (20 and 64). , and up to 128 GB, the maximum amount of available memory.

Of course, the average customer's eyes will be drawn to the fact that the flagship processor is labeled 1, while the probable new Air already has a chip labeled 2, who has also seen or read comparison testing of the M1 Max and the current top Mac Pro. In terms of raw performance, you may be aware that the new chip is as strong (if not stronger) as the prior version.

Jeff Wilcox returns to Intel after eight years at Apple

It has been confirmed by the engineer on LinkedIn. Mr. Wilcox has spent the last few years as Apple's director of Mac system designs. The division chief in charge of designing ARM SoCs and the active Apple silicon initiative to replace Intel processors in Macs.

We don't know what this means for Apple because we presume the silicon program was already in place before he left. What we can guess is that his arrival at Intel will result in a step forward in the creation of the chipmaker's SoCs.

Apple's digital key for other cars as well

Hyundai and its Genesis brand will also support Apple CarKey "until the summer". It is not certain which models will provide this option, but it is noticeable that some equipment levels of Ioniq 5 and other Hyundai cars include NFC for digital keys. While remote lock controls have been available via smartphones for some time, CarKey treats the phone more like a physical key.

All you have to do is bring your phone or Apple Watch to the door handle to unlock it, and you can even place your phone in a certain area to start the car. IPhone users, such as the iPhone 11 and later, can even leave their phone in their pocket when they open and start the vehicle. If the report is accurate, Apple's move could significantly increase the number of users of digital car keys. The agreement would also indicate that the conflict over possible cooperation on electric vehicles is not enough to deter Apple and Hyundai over cooperation on the CarKey option.