3D printing, the tools you need?

To create a 3D object, different layers of material are used on top of each other, either resin or filament, until the piece we are printing is finished.

3D printing, the tools you need?

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Thanks to 3D printers, it is already possible to have the power to create a model or download it from the Internet, and then print it in 3D format from home. It is an amazing feeling when you can create your own figures, and then paint them in case you want to have them in color. 3D printers are advancing far in enabling us to achieve amazing things from our homes.

What is 3D printing?

3D printing creates three-dimensional objects using the layer method. To create a 3D object, different layers of material are used on top of each other, either resin or filament, until the piece we are printing is finished. To make prints of 3D pieces, we need to have a 3D printer. It used to be expensive to buy a 3D printer for our homes. We can currently find cheap 3D printers, so it is affordable to get one for our personal use at home.

In 3D printing, we can print 3D models that we can do in different modeling programs. But there are also pages where we can get 3D models to print for free or for a fee.

What are 3D printers?

3D printers are machines that use computer design to create the parts we have previously selected. These Printers work from the base of the piece to finish it thanks layer by layer. 3D printers can create everything we can imagine, from tools, figures, flexible covers to our mobile phones are just a few examples of things we can do in just a few steps.

What materials do 3D printers use?

We have many materials to choose from to print our pieces. Note that not all 3D printers support all materials. There are different 3D printers, we find resin printers and filament printers.

Filament printers

Filament printers consist of applying molten plastic layer by layer until the piece we created using a 3D printer is achieved. We have many types of filament materials because this printer is the most common. Not only do we find a lot of material, but we also find a lot of tools and accessories that we can use for our 3D printer. These printers are cheap and can be easily used by anyone without prior knowledge of 3D printing.

Resin material printers

Resin printers use photo-curing liquid, layer by layer until the final part is reached. Unlike filament printers, this one does not melt any plastic to form a part but uses light to harden the resin and turn it into a solid. There are many types of resin that can be used for these 3D printers. Resins are toxic, so several precautions must be taken when handling them, such as the use of latex gloves to avoid skin contact. When the 3D printer finishes the object, we will have to leave it in the sunlight or a resin dryer so that we can cure it.

Tools you must have for 3D printing

In order to print in 3D, we need some tools to help us work. These tools are very useful for the user to achieve a better finish of the piece.

Cutting pliers

Cutting pliers must always be at hand because they allow us to cut piece supports, whether it is filament or resin. Thanks to this tool, we can prevent our piece from breaking by applying too much pressure with our hands so that we can separate the supports from the work.

Hexagon wrench set

Almost all printers on the market use hexagon head screws in their structures. Frequently, these keys are sold with 3D printers, but if this is not your case, it is good to buy them separately. In resin 3D printers, for calibration, we need these buttons to help us do it right and therefore we have a good calibration in our 3D printer.


The spatula is used to remove parts from the base of the 3D printer. The real spatula we need is not any, it must be with rounded tips, as if it could be better made of plastic. If it is made of metal, we risk scratching the base of the 3D printer, so the plastic will give us the security that it will not damage the base of the printer.

Paper and sandpaper

Sandpaper and sandpaper help us erase models we have printed with a 3D printer. These papers and sandpapers are easy to get at any physical store or online. It is ideal to have sandpaper of different sizes so that you can reach smaller areas. Ideally, the sandpaper should be of different hardness to leave the perfect piece and be ready to use or decorate somewhere.

Latex gloves

Latex gloves are very important, especially for 3D resin printers. The resin we use, regardless of the type, is toxic. Nothing happens that the resin touches us, but it can cause burns in the area that touched us. In addition, it can cause allergies if it touches our skin very often. That is why we recommend latex gloves that you throw away after use for greater safety. In case you have touched the resin on your skin, we recommend you wash your hands thoroughly as soon as possible.

Paper funnel

Paper hoppers are especially important for printers made of resinous material. These funnels are mainly used for emptying excess resin and storing it back in the resin pot. These streams allow us to collect simply without wasting material for a 3D printer.

Isopropyl alcohol

This cleaning product is widely used for electronic devices. It is ideal to clean the 3D printer after each used to make it as perfect as the first day you bought it. Remember that it is important to use this product with caution and avoid using it when the 3D printer is on or still hot.

These are the basic tools you need to use a 3D printer, either filament or resin. With these tools, you will achieve a good finish and maintenance on your 3D printer.