ACTION WARNING: If you use piracy you are financing crime, human and drug trafficking

The European Union has put the fight against piracy and counterfeit goods in the Top 10 of its priorities for the coming period.

ACTION WARNING: If you use piracy you are financing crime, human and drug trafficking

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The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has launched a new campaign against pirated software, but also counterfeit goods of all forms.

The campaign once again warns all Europeans that by purchasing pirated software and counterfeit products, people are unknowingly or consciously exposing themselves and the lives of others around them to health, safety, or financial risks.

At the same time, in this way, users use their money to finance organized crime, human trafficking, drug, and opiate trafficking.

According to EUIPO data, counterfeit goods and pirated content worth over 121 billion dollars are sold in the European Union zone every year! The loss of money is not the only reason why such a practice should be reduced as much as possible, but the health and safety of users are also important.

This report and campaign in a somewhat bizarre way equate music and software piracy with the purchase of counterfeit drugs because they are essentially the same, but with the difference that they cause a different bad effect - music piracy financially and authorially. creative, and drugs a huge and much more serious health problem.

EUIPO emphasizes that money from software and other piracy is used to finance criminal groups involved in human trafficking and drug distribution. Due to this, EUIPO states that piracy is a serious problem, which must be solved as a priority. EU officials agree with that, who put the fight against piracy in the Top 10 priorities for the EU in the coming period.

The office emphasizes once again that something must be done about the recent research, which indicated that up to 35% of all conversations on social networks are conducted on the topic of piracy, counterfeit goods, and their distribution and procurement.

Also, this EU body warns that users need to be more careful when shopping online and that they must check each site before making any transactions or exchanging personal data with it. Users should search for the HTTPS tag at all times, check if the online payment has been verified, and read detailed descriptions, ie. experiences of previous users who have purchased on these sites.

Of course, they also reminded us of that old saying, which proves to be true again - if the price is so good that you just can't believe it, it's probably a scam!

The European Union has once again emphasized that Covid vaccines are not bought online and that antibiotics, antidepressants, or any other type of official medicine, which are bought in pharmacies with a prescription and after an examination, are not procured in a similar way.

By: Angelica W. - Gossip Whispers