Amazfit GTR 2 - Sport and Classic

Amazfit GTR 2 supports on-the-clock calls, as it is equipped with a microphone and speaker, receiving/viewing notifications from applications and messages.

Amazfit GTR 2 - Sport and Classic

Photo Credits: Amazfit/Promo

Amazfit GTR 2 is most reminiscent of a traditional watch. This model is available in two variants, Sport and Classic, with Classic coming with a gray steel frame and leather bracelet, and Sport that we present with a black anodized metal frame and a black silicone bracelet, which is interchangeable and 22mm in diameter. It is a watch with a standard diameter of 46.4 mm, but also a profile of 10.7 mm, which makes it quite compact compared to many current models. The upper surface is covered with glass with slightly rounded edges below when there is a frame of about 2mm with dividers, and the 1.39” screen looks like it has thicker glass. The screen is AMOLED type, of course, touch-sensitive, with a resolution of 454x454 pixels which provides excellent display quality on a screen of this size. Brightness of the screen is enough for correct visibility in strong sunlight if you go somewhere in nature, and the watch has a sensor that can adjust the brightness automatically, thus saving the battery, with a correct display in all conditions.

As for the skins, the selection is great and diverse, with hundreds of available analog and digital skins, all of which are completely free. This smartwatch also supports the AlwaysOn screen mode, and its appearance depends on the specific skin and is mostly reduced to a completely simple black and white version of that skin.

On the side of the clock, there are two buttons, of which the upper one calls the list of applications, while the lower one gives a list of supported activities. However, by touching the screen you will perform most of the functions, e.g. swiping left and right from the home screen gives access to various widgets, top-down gives a quick menu with settings, and bottom-up displays notifications. It is also worth mentioning that in the menu it is possible to choose whether you wear the watch on your left or right hand and thus rotate the screen and key functions, which is a nice detail for left-handed users.

In terms of features, the Amazfit GTR 2 supports on-the-clock calls, as it is equipped with a microphone and speaker, receiving notifications from applications of your choice, as well as receiving and viewing messages, albeit without the ability to reply. You can transfer up to 3GB of music to listen from the watch via Bluetooth headset when you go running without a mobile phone, and there is a selection of essential applications such as heart rate monitors, stress and oxygen saturation, alarms, compasses, timers and counters. There are few applications and it is not possible to install additional ones, and it is interesting that the use of Alexa Voice Assistant to perform various functions is supported, although only in certain markets.

Of course, the primary purpose of this watch is to monitor user activity and health parameters, and for that purpose, the BioTracker 2 optical pulse sensor located on the underside of the watch is used, as well as an accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, barometer and GPS. There are many supported activities, from standard ones like running and cycling, to swimming as the watch and 5AMT are waterproof, skiing, to dancing, martial arts and ball sports, horseback riding and much more. What we have to point out, because the function is specific to Amazfit, is the so-called PAI score, which will award you points for each activity, and your goal should be to have 100 points per week at all times, which also means you are at the optimal level of physical activity for your current physical fitness. The PAI score will also adjust to your progress, and the advantage is that you only need to be interested in that figure of 100, which makes maintaining the form quite simple. In the Zepp app, you will even find some suggestions with all the number of points they carry, so the process can be fun or make you try something new.

As for the battery, there was not enough time to thoroughly test the durability of all three models, but according to the specification it is about 14 days of normal use, 6.5 days of intensive and about 10 hours of making calls, so the real duration will vary depending on your specific habits.