Asus ROG Phone 6 - We’re approaching the launch

Asus ROG Phone 6 - We’re approaching the launch

Photo Credits: Depositphotos

Asus has unveiled its ROG Phone 5 smartphone at MWC 2021, so we’re probably fast approaching the launch of the Asus ROG Phone 6.

Designed for gamers, the ROG Phone 3 and 5 are pretty well received.

Both models, in addition to being primarily designed as high-end gaming smartphones, are also all-in-all great smartphones. The current-generation Asus ROG Phone 5 has won numerous awards, in part for its gaming-focused features as well as excellent hardware choices, ranging from powerful front speakers to fast charging.

We definitely want to see Asus continue to provide great sound, long battery life, and gaming software that make the series what it is. But of course, there are a few changes and improvements we’d love to make next time. Below is our short wish list of what we want to see with the upcoming Asus ROG Phone 6 model!

A better solution in terms of device cooling

The Asus ROG Phone series is about gaming performance, and while we certainly have no complaints in that regard, its latest phone may get a little warmer over longer gaming. It is not enough to make the phone uncomfortable to hold, but you can certainly feel the heat after 15 to 20 minutes. Asus ships its Aero Active cooling accessory with Pro and Ultra variants, but you will need to purchase it separately from the regular version. It is a bit bulky to use on the go and is not the cheapest accessory, priced at around $ 45. This addition would also be better if the extra buttons were more easily accessible, so maybe a redesign to make the cooler a little more ergonomic?

It would be great if the ROG Phone 6 came with an improved passive cooling system to improve temperatures, without the need for additional equipment. To be fair to the ROG phone, Asus already includes a charging bypass mode and Wi-Fi optimization designed to lower temperatures during gaming and extend battery life.

An even better combination of cameras

The vast majority of users liked the ROG Phone 5 because it offers a solid main camera, especially for a "gaming" smartphone. However, the image quality from the ultra-wide-angle lens and the macro camera does not keep up with the primary shutter. The results of the ultra-wide-angle camera were not very good, with noticeable distortion. A more robust, comprehensive image processing package would certainly enhance the overall features of the flagship ROG Phone 6.

Similarly, a deceptive 5 MP macro camera could be completely removed. It doesn’t really offer much in terms of usefulness, but it does add up to the list of materials. Replacing this lens with a telephoto zoom lens would offer much more flexibility, in line with the capabilities of other phones in the ROG series price range. A package that looks more like a smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders, Qualcomm's phone based on ROG Phone 5, could do the trick, although hopefully without mistakes and (too) high prices.

Overall feature upgrades

The Asus ROG Phone 5 has no IP rating, no wireless charging, and the on-screen fingerprint scanner is average at best. Too bad, because we expected significantly more from high-end smartphones that have a price like this. Solving these problems would perfectly complement the already excellent stereo speakers, haptic feedback, and capacitive air triggers that make the ROG series such a great gaming phone.

Perhaps fewer model variants

Asus launched five ROG Phone 5 models at launch; three different memory variants of the standard model, as well as Pro and Ultra variants. Add a few ROG Phone 5S models that carried an upgraded Snapdragon 888 Plus processor and there were seven different options to choose from in different variants. We think it would definitely be a great idea if ASUS opted for fewer variants, in which RAM, ROM, and perhaps camera configurations would be key segments of differentiation. This will make it much easier for users to understand the differences and should continue to allow Asus to reach price points above and below the $ 1,000 mark, without compromising on the key focus on gaming the phone.