Barely the size of a postage stamp: This is the smallest and most powerful gaming console in the world

American engineers have made the smallest computer game console in the world, which although the size of the average postage stamp functions like a real device of normal size.

Barely the size of a postage stamp: This is the smallest and most powerful gaming console in the world

Photo Credits: TinyCircuits / promo

The Ohio-based company TinyCircuits in the US has made the Thumby game console that comes with five pre-installed retro games, including classics like Tetris, Space Invaders, and Snake.

Users of this microconsole can even create computer games themselves using the MicroPhyton programming language, and the console also supports the multiplayer option via cable connection.

The console is available to order via Kickstarter, and its base price is $ 19 for the gray model. Other colors and accessories that can come with the console are available at a slightly higher price.

Thumby is actually a micro version of the Game Boy console and consists of a battery, speaker, control buttons, power switch, OLED display, and a micro-USB port that is used to charge the console and upgrade its software.

Because it's so tiny and actually fits on a keychain, Thumby also comes with a drawstring designed for just that purpose.

Chief Engineer Ben Rose explained what motivated him to make Thumby.

My goal was to make the smallest console. When people see tiny things, they think it’s something cheap. We designed a high-quality product with a strong processor that defies its size, says Rose.

It all started as a personal project, but after people’s reaction to the prototype, Rose says it was clear it would become a new TinyCircuits product.

Thumby has already picked up one award for the most innovative product at the GDex conference in Columbus, Ohio.

TinyCircuits boss Ken Burns added that Thumby actually arose out of nostalgia for retro games from the 1990s.

More information about the smallest console in the world can be found on the TinyCircuits website.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron