Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless - Wireless luxury

A small aesthetic redesign, additional functionality, and the loss of the "tail" moved one of Corsair's most esteemed mice to an even higher category

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Wireless - Wireless luxury

Photo Credits: Corsair / promo

A small aesthetic redesign, additional functionality, and the loss of the "tail" moved one of Corsair's most esteemed mice to an even higher category

Sensor typeOptical (26,000 DPI)
Dimensions117x77x39 mm
Time110-128 g
Number of keys8
Connection typeWireless USB receiver, USB-C cable
Warranty2 years

Many of the devices we find in stores are the result of a carefully achieved balance between price and quality. Every manufacturer strives to invest as little as possible in design and production, while offering consumers enough value to buy such a device, in order to make money in the end. However, from time to time there is a device that was obviously created with the aim of being the best possible, no matter how much it cost. Corsair's M65 mouse fit that description when it came with the wire, but a new, wireless variant, called the M65 RGB Ultra Wireless, went a step further with a functional but also subtle aesthetic redesign.

Nothing loose

The “floating” surfaces of the outer casing may look fragile as they are a few inches away from the core of the device itself, but that impression disappears when you feel them in your hand. The materials used on each part of the outside of the device give it a feeling of solidity. In the places where the hand touches the mouse, there is plastic coated with fine rubber, which improves friction without unpleasant sticking. On the underside, there is brushed aluminum that gives the mouse stability on the ground, without an unwanted increase in resistance. The relatively compact profile of the mouse has been carefully thought out, but it is obvious that it was not made to satisfy every dimension of the hand and every preference of the user. This lack of universality is indeed a small ergonomic remark. In every other respect, it is a superbly designed device, with quality materials on every visible part.

The package also comes with three magnets that can be screwed into the mouse to increase its weight. Each magnet weighs 6 grams, so the total weight of the device can vary between 110 and 128 grams. Even in the lighter version, it is a device that is quite heavy, which means that there will be no accidental "takeoff" from the ground even with more aggressive movements, but there are scenarios in which too much weight can escape, so keep in mind that the new M65 RGB Ultra Wireless belongs to the heavy category of mice, even in its lightest form. In addition to the eight buttons, which can be programmed in Corsair's iCUE software, and separate adjustments to the vertical and horizontal axes of the DPI, an interesting addition is the ability to program mouse movements, thanks to the internal gyroscope. Thus, even turning the device can be used as a control method.

Man against machine

The impressive specifications of the sensor and wireless receiver on paper sound fantastic. 26,000 DPI, a polling rate of 2,000 Hz, and a response rate of less than 1 millisecond are at the very top of available wireless mice, but how do these properties behave in reality? The answer should be simple, but it is not.

The subjective experience of use, whether it is about different genres of games, or about regular use of various applications, is very good. No inaccuracy or twitching is noticed, and the sniper button, which can temporarily reduce sensor sensitivity, is great in some situations because it temporarily gives a higher level of precision and easily returns to normal without the need to prick dedicated DPI buttons. However, the technical test showed some anomalies, which are undoubtedly the result of the high sensitivity of the optical sensor. The sensor occasionally registers values ​​that are a few millimeters outside the actual position of the mouse, but due to a large number of accurate readings, such anomalies are software corrected to give a more accurate and precise path that tracks the actual movement of the device. Device calibration, also done using the iCUE application,

This mouse will easily sit on top of various categories, and this also applies to the price, which will raise it above $129.99 in domestic stores. It is an investment that can only be justified if it really means that users will not have the slightest objection. The M65 RGB Ultra Wireless may not be the perfect mouse, but it’s definitely a step up. You can buy this mouse on amazon for $129.99.

  • Top quality workmanship and performance
  • Lots of extra features
  • Adjustable weight
  • Price