From now on, all Instagram users can post links in Stories

Putting links in Stories used to be reserved only for verified accounts or those with more than 10,000 followers, and now that option is available to everyone

From now on, all Instagram users can post links in Stories

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Instagram product manager Vishal Shah confirmed back in June that the company was testing the feature of putting links in the form of stickers, in order to completely eliminate the " swipe-up"  option that could only be used by popular or verified users.

Almost five months later, " swipe-up" links are a thing of the past and are officially replaced by new stickers that, according to Instagram, will be useful to absolutely everyone - from companies that will be able to market their products more easily to "ordinary" users who will so be able to better get in touch with their followers, writes The Verge.

To add a link, when creating Stories, you need to go to the label tool in the top navigation bar, click " Link " and enter the desired URL. After that, everyone who sees the post will be able to go to the link you have chosen to place by simply clicking on the sticker. But Instagram points out that those who share misinformation or hate speech with the new feature will lose access to its use.

It should be noted that Instagram said back in June that the stickers with links were intended only for Stories posts and pointed out that they did not plan to bring them to other parts of the app.

By: Amber V. - Zexron