Gelsinger provided new info for Alder Lake

Intel boss Pat Gelsinger is not at a loss for pithy words - he proves that at a technology conference.

Gelsinger provided new info for Alder Lake

Photo Credits: Intel

Pat Gelsinger has been CEO of Intel since the beginning of 2021 and has many topics on his chest. He confidently accepts this task, which has been proven by many interviews and public statements. Most recently, he spoke about Intel's ambitions at the Credit Suisse Technology Conference and again made some remarkable statements about Alder Lake and the upcoming graphics cards.

Gelsinger: About Alder Lake and graphics card ambitions

Gelsinger talks a lot about Intel's aggressive roadmap, mostly in the manufacturing space. This goes in a similar direction to mid-November, when the Intel CEO mentioned "a decade of bad decisions" made by the predecessor, which cannot be remedied overnight. Alder Lake ("Intel 7") is "a great product that has received great reviews in the market, the clearly leading product". Intel 4, i.e. Meteor Lake also looks good. And Intel 3, 20A, and 18A are also ahead of schedule, according to Gelsinger. In any case, only superlatives come up in the course of the conversation about Alder Lake.

Even before Alder Lake, they were able to regain some market share, said Gelsinger. With Alder Lake, you now have "undisputed market leadership" - in some benchmarks the lead is between 10% and even 50% or 60%. It is "like in the heyday of Intel". You have the "best product, you have the manufacturing capacity and you win shares". That is exactly what they intend to do with the Alder Lake portfolio. The market launch "went very well". All analysts would have said that Alder Lake was a killer product. We assume that "some of the graphics and media features are significantly better than the alternatives". And that would be before the discrete graphics products are launched in Q1, according to the Intel CEO.

Speaking of the graphics card market: Intel wants to follow the "Playbook" from Nvidia, which uses the era of accelerated computing for itself. However, Intel wants to do this "with a lot more openness and industry standards". Customers are "very frustrated with the proprietary CUDA," so Intel will be promoting many of the open software standards. There is an "almost insatiable demand for us to enter the (graphics card) market". Gelsinger does not believe that the demand that the "big OEMs" have seen in the markets for at least two years can be met. According to Gelsinger, the first signs of "unconfirmed leaks and rumors in the industry" are quite positive.

To conclude, Gelsinger (again) sends a declaration of war to AMD and Nvidia:

"Before we gave Nvidia a ten-year lead, we gave away market share to AMD and we will start to regain it".