GTA 6: Leaks and interesting facts

GTA 6: Leaks and interesting facts

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Fans are looking forward to thieving Auto 6 for years. New information about the open-world game is continually coming to light. We collect leaks and rumors in an exceedingly clear summary.

More than eight years have passed since the discharge of the last a part of the stealing Auto series, GTA 5. Although the multiplayer offshoot GTA Online remains actively maintained by developer Rockstar, fans of single player titles have had to attend for supplies for a protracted time – namely stealing Auto 6 (GTA 6)!

In the following we collect rumors and leaks that ought to give answers to the foremost important questions on GTA 6. Including, for instance, when and on which platforms theft Auto 6 are released, where the title will occur and which characters we’ll control within the sequel.

Note: whether or not many of the leaks sound quite credible, we might wish to show again that the subsequent information is merely rumor and not official information from Rockstar Games or Take 2 Interactive. specifically, thanks to many personnel changes, several rumors could later end up to be false, as Leaker Tom Henderson claims on Twitter.

Is GTA 6 in development?

Short answer: Yes!

It will be said during a little more detail that Rockstar has not made a politician announcement about the event of GTA 6. However, company job postings, the leaks listed here and statements from Rockstar employees (e.g. to “Kotaku”) point to the event of the subsequent theft constituent with almost 100% probability.

In March, Strauss Zelnick, CEO of the publisher Take-Two Interactive, commented on the subject and more or less answered the question about an announcement of GTA 6:

“Rockstar has not announced any new titles for the market. If there’s an announcement, it’ll be from Rockstar.”

Rapper Snoop Dogg misled us in an interview with Rolling Stone. There he announced that both himself and his colleague Dr. Dre engaged on previously unreleased music for a GTA game. it absolutely was assumed that this was the following main a part of the series. In fact, a corresponding DLC ​​for GTA Online was revealed a brief time later.

When will GTA 6 appear?

An official statement is additionally currently missing for the beginning of GTA 6. within the past few months, insiders have repeatedly given very different information about the discharge of the open-world game. These ranged from very close releases, a number of which are now within the past, to distant dates like 2024.

A leak at the start of 2021, which caused some attention thanks to the quantity of knowledge it contained, names October 2023 because the planned release. Accordingly, the sport should even be announced within the course of the approaching year 2022.

This would even be confirmed by a tweet from early May 2021, the publisher of which is understood for reliable information from the film and series sector. Accordingly, GTA 6 was internally postponed to the tip of 2023 last year.

A video by the very accurate leaker Tom Henderson and later confirmed by Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier indicates that it might be even later. The scope of development and an allegedly unconditional avoidance of negative headlines because of crunch and postponed release dates could make sure that the developers take even longer with an announcement.

This seems to verify the message from “Rockstar Magazine”. in keeping with a video within the French publication, after Dan Houser left, the complete project was rebooted, significantly delaying development. Large parts of the story and gameplay are changed. Actually, the sport was purported to be announced in 2020.

Rockstar Games itself took it with cynical humor in mid-July 2021. the top of Rockstar Games – Sam Houser – only commented at the time that the director for GTA 6 wasn’t even born.

In January 2022, there have been first indications of a release date back publisher Take-Two. As a part of the Zynga acquisition, management announced that the corporate expects 14 percent growth in 2024. For the analyst Stephen Totilo a sign of a release of GTA 6.

In addition, Take-Two boss Harry Strauss Zelnick commented on the long development time in November 2021 and told “VGC” that one had to watch out to not burn the brand. you set “titles by choice, in order that there’s a necessity to catch up and it becomes a special event”.

For which platforms is GTA 6 released?

A game of the importance of a GTA will appear on current consoles and therefore the PC, so we suspect. this can be also supported by the leak linked above, which mentions both a PC and a console version. However, PC gamers would wait longer because their version will only be released at a later date.

Since there have also been rumors of timed exclusivity for the PS5 within the past, Xbox owners may wait a bit longer.

We’re fairly certain that GTA 6 is released alongside PC for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series. This also fits with the statements made by the above-mentioned leaker Tom Henderson in mid-2021.

How it’s with versions for the previous models PS4 and Xbox One is unclear. A switch version remains within the stars.

Where is GTA 6 set?

In the past, a variety of locations had emerged as possible settings for GTA 6. Rumors of a return to Vice City, a fictional version of Miami, kept circulating. An extension to the whole area of ​​Florida and a detour to Liberty City was also up for debate but was then rejected by Tom Henderson, who was mentioned at the start.

Another frequently mentioned option was an act outside of the US. Accordingly, GTA 6 would play in South or Central America, for instance within the Colombian capital Bogotá.

The currently published rumors are now also listing Vice City again. However, since the sport should be divided into several episodes like Red Dead Redemption 2, there would be no big surprise addition to the time and placement changes.

A map circulating in May was compared to GTA 5 and shows similarities to its map. This undermines the credibility of this leak. additionally, there are rumors a few connections between the TV series Miami Vice and Vice City: The actor Don Johnson (Sonny Crockett from the series) is alleged to own been commissioned to record sound for a computer game.

In terms of your time, GTA 6 should extend over several decades. Some chapters are said to be set within the late 1970s. additionally, we also expect a detour into the current. Leaker Tom Henderson (see above) believes in a very present-day setting, also with a connection to Vice City.

Who does one play in GTA 6?

Rumors are spreading about the protagonists of GTA 6. a rather older leak reported a complete of 4 playable characters: the motive force Walther Wallace, an unnamed former Israeli soldier, the smuggler Thomas Branigan together with his own plane and Marcus Burke, one father and drug trafficker.

At the start of 2021, an insider wanted to grasp that GTA 6 also will be ready to control a female character for the primary time within the history of the series. A novelty for the series except for the multiplayer offshoot GTA Online. Tom Henderson’s leaks (above) come in more detail, suggesting a techie who can use hacking skills to clear her way.

According to the large leak mentioned above, however, there should be a male protagonist around 34 years old. All this information mustn’t contradict itself. The still nameless character could even be a soldier. and also the 34-year-old protagonist doesn’t represent a knockout criterion for any of the three characters already mentioned.