Halo Infinite has unveiled its campaign, fans are thrilled this time around

Halo Infinite just got a 6-minute presentation of its campaign. Judging by the first reactions of the viewers, this time the protests and objections are in the minority.

Halo Infinite has unveiled its campaign, fans are thrilled this time around

Photo Credits: 343 Industries / promo

Halo Infinite is finally approaching its release in the 12th month. On this occasion, this great Xbox game received a 6-minute video demonstrating the biggest Halo campaign so far. In this presentation, we see how the Master Chief will move around the open world, what types of opponents will get in his way and what methods he will be able to use to eliminate them. For the first time, we also see a skills upgrade system, e.g. it is possible to activate an accelerated evasion of enemy fire to the side.

The last time Halo Infinite was formally shown in a single player was a year ago, and we all remember that the game was postponed due to complaints about the graphics. It’s hard to say exactly how much the graphics have progressed - it was recently confirmed that there will be no support for raytracing this year - but, the reaction from fans this time around is far more positive. At the time of writing, the video has 33,000 positive ratings and only 400 negative ones.

Even the team itself joked in this video, so at one point they named the so-called favorite opponent Craig - an opponent who has become synonymous with making fun of the visual presentation of Halo Infinite on the Internet. As things stand now, 343 Industries has managed to make a real turnaround from this mockery.

By: Olivia J. - Zexron