Big Lawsuit against Apple and Google because PUBG

Big Lawsuit against Apple and Google because PUBG

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Developer Krafton opened the sport PUBG: Battlegrounds to everyone on January 12, and after announcing that it’d be free some days ago - it had been quite expected that clones of 1 of the foremost popular melee games would seem soon.

PUBG has fought for supremacy before, and after Fortnite gained huge popularity at the top of 2017.

Video game experts initially claimed that Fortnite did nothing new, which only picked up good parts from other popular games, like PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Despite that, this has become a phenomenon, thanks to the simplicity that has attracted professional gamers, but also those that play as a hobby.

PUBG has survived - it’s sold about 75 million copies since its launch, and PUBG mobile is one of the biggest gaming franchises today. More than a billion times, the free version for phones has been downloaded. It had been the foremost popular game in 2017, so even then it absolutely was declared one of each the best-selling titles of all time.

Already in 2018, 33 million copies were sold, therefore the developers, since the sport cost 30 dollars (until January 12), earned a couple of billion dollars by that point.

PUBG has been procured since the sport appeared on the Steam platform in 2017, and it quickly became a success and has remained so to the current day. It absolutely was such a giant sensation that it inspired other games - as we’ve already mentioned, and also the Fortnite company Epic Games. and also the new game has become a favorite, among other things because it’s been free since the start. The businesses were fighting for supremacy, so PUBG creators even sued Epic Games for violation. Both still exist.

Today, the main target is on a brand new lawsuit - the Krafton studio, which is behind the favored game PUBG, recently launched an oversized lawsuit, which incorporates Apple and Google. the matter is within the copy of the sport PUBG, which these two giants are distributing without hesitation.

PUBG: Battlegrounds has been a battle royale hit for an extended time, so it’s quite expected that some copies will appear. The matter, however, is larger when a clone appears within the online stores of huge companies. Krafton also accuses Google of supporting YouTube content that deals with plagiarism and shares other information about the controversial game.

The disputed titles are Free Fire and Free Fire Max, and also the Garena studio is chargeable for them. They found themselves in Apple and therefore the Google Play store, and just like the game that inspired them, they’re completely free. Krafton claims that the new titles copy many aspects of the PUBG game, even the structure of the sport and therefore the way the action takes place.

It is claimed that Garena has already earned many innumerable dollars from copies, which a part of the money visited Apple and Google. Krafton wants his share of the cake because copyright continues to be a vital thing.

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