Take-Two wants to ban the game name It Takes Two

A rather bizarre situation happened with the game It Takes Two. Take-Two Interactive has filed a lawsuit because the name of the game is too similar to the name of their company.

Take-Two wants to ban the game name It Takes Two

Photo Credits: Hazelight / promo

On the one hand, we have It Takes Two - one of the best and most fun games of 2021, which exceeded all expectations of one cooperative title, selling more than three million copies. On the other hand, we have the publishing house Take-Two Interactive, known, among other things, for persecuting modders to remove their mods for old GTA games in order to launch a technical mess called GTA: The Trilogy.

It Takes Two and Take-Two Interactive are in many ways two completely different things. One is a game, the other is a company, for starters. But Take-Two doesn't want anyone else to use "It Takes Two" for the name of their game, so they filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. According to the lawsuit, developer Hazelight has no right to name its game It Takes Two because it is too similar to the trademark of Take-Two Interactive.

The whole dispute came just before the game was launched, it has now been revealed. But as the game was launched under the name It Takes Two, apparently the whole thing is still unresolved. When asked by the Eurogamer portal from Hazelight, they said that they could not comment on the ongoing disputes, but that they hoped that things would be resolved.

In the event that Take-Two wins this dispute, we might have a situation where It Takes Two needs to be renamed. Changing the name of a game is not uncommon in the gaming industry, but usually, these changes happen before the games are launched for sale.